Day at the Aquarium

Mike, Katie and I had a blast with Scotia and Connor at the Vancouver Aquarium last week. It was quite the adventure as it was Scotia's first time on the bus and we all got to see the elusive octopus in full view! Another highlight was getting a special peek at the baby crabs and sea cucumbers in the wet lab...thanks Sarah!

13 Aquarium-3812

13 Aquarium-3818
13 Aquarium-3833
13 Aquarium-3834
13 Aquarium-3838 13 Aquarium-3802
13 Aquarium-3864
13 Aquarium-3869
13 Aquarium-3886
13 Aquarium-3904
13 Aquarium-3923
13 Aquarium-3926
13 Aquarium-3931
13 Aquarium-3933
13 Aquarium-3942
13 Aquarium-3944


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