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October's profile is of makeup artist extraordinaire, Zabrina Matiru.  I'm so happy to say that many of the profiles I am presenting are of people I have known and worked with for many years. Zabrina is no exception.  She and I have worked together extensively on makeup assignments over the years and have collaborated on several portrait and fashion shoots since I took the leap into professional photography in 2004.  Coming from a background in makeup, I know how imperative it is that the makeup and hair styling for clients is perfect. Each time I work with Zabrina, I never worry because I know she will always deliver beautiful results.  She is a lovely lady and is sky-rocketing in her career. Zabrina mostly designs makeup for commercials and motion pictures but I see her continue to expand her repertoire into the fashion world as she is incredibly creative and possesses that star quality necessary to work in today's fashion and beauty industries.  Zabrina is a joy to work with and without fail, she always sets my clients at ease making my role as photographer as smooth as it can be and helping to make my clients feel relaxed and at their best.  Zabrina and I worked together recently on a fashion and beauty shoot with Vancouver's own stunning television celebrity, Erin Cebula, already causing a stir on Facebook ;), as well as a publicity shoot for actress Rachel Luttrell...I look forward to working with Zabrina again soon when she can fit me in to her very busy schedule.  All the very best my friend!

Read more about Zabrina from our recent interview after the jump...

Tell me a bit about yourself...about you, your business and/or what you like to do with your time.

Well, I feel like my life so far has been divided into three main chapters based on the three different continents that I've lived on - my childhood in Kenya, my adolescence in England and my years to date in Canada.  The experiences that I had in these countries have really shaped me as an individual and an artist.  I feel that I have a global conscience that lends understanding and insight into diversity and creativity. As a Makeup Artist, I like to maintain variety in the projects that I choose.  Switching between film, television, commercials and print, keeps me excited about what I do. I often work crazy long hours so when I get some time, I like to relax and take time planning my next is in my blood!  Whenever possible I travel, weather it's exploring  areas nearby or international destinations, I just love it!

What did you like best about working with Linda and how have your photos benefited you?

I love Linda's energy.  Her creativity is expressed in a calm yet excited manner that is infectious.  Linda has a wonderful laugh.  You're bound to have a good time and get excellent shots when working with Linda because she makes everyone feel comfortable.  As a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Linda allows me to express my creativity and has a unique insight coming from a makeup background that translates beautifully to working directly behind the camera lens.  Linda's photography has benefited me by lending itself to strengthening my portfolio and therefore my marketability.

If you could pick one favourite shot Linda took, either of you or from a shoot you worked on together, which one would it be and why?

I would say that working with Rachel was so much fun & very relaxed.  Linda created a calm energy, yet we were able to get lots of great shots.  I also enjoyed the Erin Cebula beauty portrait and the Brandi beauty creative because the end results were just beautiful... a completely different feel to doing a portrait shoot, but still energetic & fun.

What is your philosophy or approach to life?

Try to think positively, be kind, understanding and fearless.

What's new in your life? What's next for you?

I'm striving to do more feature films with a few possibilities on the horizon.  I would also love to be able to make it to New York for Fashion week one of these days and be part of a creative team.  Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilsbury and Dick Page are some of the makeup artists who inspire me and it would be a dream to work with any of them.... one day!  On a personal level, I'm just loving being in love!


Fashion and beauty shoot with Erin Cebula


Portrait shoot with Rachel Luttrell


Beauty creative shoot with Brandi


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