Pumpkin Patch at Hazelmere Farms

Yesterday we made the trek to the pumpkin patch out at Hazelmere Organic Farms in White Rock. None of us had ever been there before and were all super pleased by the very warm welcome we received by the kids and their little bunny Bingo! We petted the animals - mine and Connor's favourite part - then took a fun hayride to the corn maize and to our final destination, the pumpkin patch! 

 Connor picked out a beauty and I got some nice shots of our adventures there. Mike, as always, also got some great iPhone shots too - check them out at the end.

It's a bit of a ways 'til Halloween so who knows, we may end up making a delicious pumpkin pie from our freshly picked pumpkin, or we might keep it safe to carve in time for Hallow's Eve - wow, I can't believe it's already almost Halloween! 

Here are some of my favourites from the day but if you'd like to see them all, click here!


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