Lisanne Collett, Entrepreneur

Lisanne and I have actually known each other for a long time - since the mid 80s I think. Wow, that's a long time! We went to the same high school then bumped into each other at our mutual friend's annual martini party last winter. Funny how these things happen. We got to talking and decided we were going to publish a book together (it's top secret right now) but in the meantime, Lisanne needed new portraits for her new business ventures and publicity.

Lisanne is a true entrepreneur. She is co-owner of Edible Planet, Vancouver's own catering company that provides fresh, organic healthy meals to the film and corporate industries and recently joined as Project Manager for The World In a Garden, an Urban Agriculture Project designed to enable youth and community to experience the cultural, nutritional and environmental benefits of local, organic food systems from seed to table.  So blessed to know this lady and really looking forward to our collaboration. ;)


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