Oregon Coast Holiday - Day 2

I was up early for a swim with Connor at the indoor pool at the hotel – nothing special but all Connor needed. It's actually pretty easy to fill Connor's needs in regards to swimming/water – a small sink will suffice.

We had "Salem's Best Breakfast" at the Willamette Valley Grill in the hotel – it was OK. Not out of this world, probably not the best in Salem, but it was pretty good nonetheless. The bacon was top-notch though.!
Our first stop was the grocery stock up at Trader Joe's. Forgot in the US this could be the beer stock up too! Nice! The standout for me was Organic Milk FOR THE SAME PRICE as regular milk! It's at least 2 times as expensive in Vancouver (but then again, everything is more expensive in Vancouver).
Second stop - Willamette Valley Vineyards. Connor and I had a great time exploring the grounds while Linda got slightly tipsy (@ 11AM!) tasting many delicious wines. She ended up getting a mixed case of the Oregon Blossom and Riesling…Yum!


Forging southward, we pulled off the interstate in Cottage Grove to check out some covered bridges along the Cottage Grove Covered Bridge Route. Some really beautiful scenery and a nice break from the interstate.
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