Portrait | Angela Victory, Makeup & Hair Artist

October 19, 2012  •  1 Comment

Angela and I work together on a regular basis and she's my go-to girl for makeup and hair styling for the majority of my portrait sessions. Why?  Because she's a wonderful makeup artist with a soft touch setting my clients at ease, loving their hair and makeup and feeling great for their session.  The results are always beautiful with my clients ultimately loving their portraits. And I love her and really enjoy working together. We go way back so we know each other very well personally too!

Angela often stands in on occasion to test my lighting and this one from a recent shoot really stands out to me so I had to sahre. To me it shows Angela's true colours - her warm nature, kind heart, calm deameanor and the rare combination of softness and inner strength.

Thank you Angela for all that you are and all that do...looking forward to creating more great work together.



Thank you linda for your kind words. I was very touched by your insights. I enjoy our creative time together and I love seeing the results that come out of your photo shoots. Your studio is perfect, great vibe and I feel very much a part of the project. Your special touches with food like the blue cheese from the farmers market to share with gluten free crackers and fruit(that cheese was way too good) Thank you for your trust in my art. We make a great team and I love being a part of giving the client an updated beautiful photo of them selves to promote their business with.
Many future successes.
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