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So far this year I've been blessed with some really great clients and new and interesting projects!

This one with NovaGold Resources was all of the above. Myself and my team photographed a great group of corporate portraits - 17 to be exact - along with two group shots including a fun one captured below of President & CEO Gregory Lang and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tom Kaplan.  

Everyone was very down to earth and easy going which made my job that much easier! It was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to future projects with this team!  Thanks Erin and Melanie for all your kindness and confidence in me to deliver what you envisioned for your team!

To see all their portraits, visit the NovaGold website.


Greg Lang & Tom Kaplan-6857-fullresGreg Lang & Tom Kaplan-6857-fullres Greg Lang-6189-fullresGreg Lang-6189-fullres

Tom Kaplan-6622e-fullresTom Kaplan-6622e-fullres

David Deisley-7075-fullresDavid Deisley-7075-fullres Melanie Hennessey-6283-fullresMelanie Hennessey-6283-fullres


Marc Faber-6985-fullresMarc Faber-6985-fullres

Richard Williams-7227-fullresRichard Williams-7227-fullres


Photography by:  Linda Mackie

Photography Assist:  Michael Chmara

Makeup, Hair & Grooming:  Angela Victory


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