Mother's Day is fast approaching and as it does every year, I am reminded of the amazing woman who continually inspires me in my creative work and I suppose, in life. This is my grandmother Stella Oldfield. She passed away when I was only a teen but I can't help but think of her as one of the main driving forces behind my career choices, first in makeup art, and now in photography, and in her way of being in everyday life.

I can only aspire to that, as a woman like that can never be repeated. Born in 1900 in England, she was undoubtedly a woman way ahead of her time. She was an independent, strong, smart, driven and extremely talented and creative woman who made her mark in a world that was not kind to females working to make it on their own. She was very funny and had the sharpest wit, still unmatched in anyone I have met in my life so far. She was also a single mother by choice when my father turned only three and worked her way through art school by modelling for British Vogue and various hat companies in the early twenties. 

We are so fortunate to have a very precious collection of original photographs and tear sheets from various magazines that she appeared from which I have gathered a selection of my favourites. 







Jill Karlen Fletcher(non-registered)
These images are amazing! I love seeing old pictures like this. You're so lucky to have them of your stylin'.
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