Connor Boone Series | June 2013

Connor is what they call a 'spirited child'. He's constantly on the move and very animated all the time which I have to say I am truly thankful for. He lights up the room and everyone he meets is completely charmed and in awe of his wise and spirited soul. As a mom and a photographer, I am so grateful to have so many incredible pictures of him to look back upon and share with my family, friends and fans who love my work and keep up with my posts.  

I adore this series because they particularly capture Connor and his fun-loving, silly nature - he loves to ham it up!  And now that he gets what I do for a living, he is much more aware of the camera, how to pose and play it up more.  We just shot these right after bath time - no fancy lighting or anything - and they're now some of my all-time favourites!  Connor loves to take pictures now too and took the last one of me.

So anytime is a good time to take pictures of your child, because those special moments really are so fleeting. ;)


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