The Philosophy of Life Bag by Susan Oubari


The Philosophy of Life Bag, little reminders for the mind and soul.  

Susan Oubari is an amazing woman and true inspiration to me for someone who has completely transformed her life for the better!

Susan is a Fashionista turned Reiki Master and Philosophy of Life Coach. She worked with a few of my most favourite hero photographers including Mr. Peter Lindbergh (OMG!), as well as in elite fashion circles in Milan and Paris. She found herself however constantly angry, worried, result-oriented and stressed out. She didn't have time for a Philosophy of Life, nor did she think she needed one. However when she discovered Reiki, her life entirely changed. By studying Reiki and learning the '5 Ideals of Reiki', she began to take notice of her behavior and how she was treating others, especially herself. She didn’t realize how much her inner anger and sleepless nights of worrying were wearing her down. She came to realize what really mattered in her life and to understand her own Philosophy of Life.

Today, through her "5 Ideals of Life", Susan lives more in the present, has more peace of mind, and is more grounded.  Hers is an incredible story of a person who has completely transformed her life for the better by reinventing herself and living her life purpose through her work as a Reiki Master and Philosophy of Life Coach.

Susan created 'The Philosophy of Life Bag" for her clients to serve as daily reminders of the 5 ideals of Life and to help them experience a more peaceful, balanced and fulfilling life.  Together we created these beautiful images showcasing The Philosophy of Life Bag and its unique contents. 

To learn more about The Philosophy of LIfe Bags and Susan's Reiki and Philosophy of Life Coaching services contact Susan directly at




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