Remembering Grandpa

Connor announced the other morning that he wanted to visit Grandpa at the cemetery and remember him together as a family. What kid says that?! Even though he knows that Grandpa didn't serve in any war, he seems to understand the concept of remembering and honouring the ones we love. So proud of my beautiful boy with the old soul.  I was so touched that he even thought of this that we made it happen.

The day was incredibly gorgeous, complete with blue skies and warm light. We met up with my brother and his two kids at the Capilano Cemetery where both our parents and our grandmother rest. It was very peaceful there with a bit of a breeze making the trees and their leaves blow softly over those who have passed.

We each reflected quietly to ourselves on memories of dad and gave thanks to those who served to uphold the freedoms we all enjoy so easily today. The day extended into a long walk and lunch out well until the sun went down, which I am excited to share in another post.

For now, I'm happy to share these gentle images of our time together with Grandpa.

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