Canada Day Weekend Getaway

We're so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with so many majestic vistas to experience. 

Our friends invited us to their family cabin on Anderson Lake, just north of Pemberton, BC, a jewel of a place we'd never ventured to before. The two boys, already good friends and neighbours to us, focused most of their attention to fishing and skipping rocks. For us, it was about relaxing, good conversation and good food. For me of course, it was also about capturing our time experience there and the beauty that surrounded us. I was pleased to find a lot of what I love to photograph - the glory of nature in the mountains right down to the minuteness of a bee on a flower, a couple of wandering pups enjoying the tranquility of their summer home and the joy of our children as they anticipated the catching of an unsuspecting fish. 

On our way home and as the sun was making its descent, we spontaneously stopped at Nairn Falls.

This was a magical start to our summer and we are grateful to have such generous friends in our midst and such a precious world to explore.

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