Katherine the Great

I secretly call her Katherine the Great and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. 

Katherine Hill is an award-winning Writer and Director of her independent film "Coerced", Producer, Actor and co-founder of Eve Entertainment Inc. in Vancouver, BC. She is also a young mother of two children and in the midst of completing her masters degree in film through the infamous Raindance Postgraduate program. She is not only obviously beautiful, Katherine is a very passionate and intelligent filmmaker with a strong interest and desire to raise awareness about women's issues and the world problem of human trafficking. Her 2012 film Coerced tackles the latter via a well-written, poignant story and riveting performances by her actors.

Katherine's inner strength and determination is what makes her great and I really admire and am inspired by her for that. I've barely begun to scratch the surface of the many studio portrait series so far and am intrigued to uncover more gems like these. Later this summer we will follow up with some editorial-style, natural light personal branding portraits of Katherine that will further reflect her strength, versatility, personality and of course powerfully good looks and enhance her presence in the world of film making. 


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Photography, Makeup & Hair Styling:  Linda Mackie

July 2014


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