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You may not be a familiar face like some of these Vancouver personalities, but your personal and professional image says a lot about you and what you are passionate about.  I'm talking about your brand - BRAND YOU - the essence of who you are and how you present yourself to the world.  

Anne Drewa_Z5C0908 Anne Drewa_Z5C0910


Potential clients want to see and know the person they will be working with.

Ideally, who you are in the real world should match how you represent and communicate who you are in the virtual world. Authenticity in each realm is the key to connecting with your ideal client and the people who are best for you.

Breathing Life Into Your Image is my tagline and what I focus on when I am photographing someone. Whether you're a celebrity, local personality, actor, entrepreneur or CEO of a company, my objective is to get to the core of who you are and what lights you up. To capture that life essence that resides within each of us.  

This is the part of what I love to do that lights me up.  It answers "my why" in knowing that the images I create for clients are helping them to attract the right people and clients for them and create the life and success they envision.

If you're wondering why you may not be attracting the right clients or getting called in for more auditions, perhaps take a look at the images you are using now to represent yourself and what you do. Do they truly speak to who you are? Do people recognize you as the same individual they see online to the person they see in real life?  Do you even look like that person anymore?

A no to any of these questions could be an important clue that you need to create images that speak more accurately and authentically to who you are and what you do so you can finally get noticed by the right people.

I would love to work with you to do just that.


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Your experience working with me is a creative collaboration in order to breathe life into your image and get your portraits and branding imagery working for you.



I would love to learn all about you and what lights you up!





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