Is Your Child Read to Step Into the World of Acting?

March 28th & 29thMarch 28th & 29th

Whether your child becomes the next big thing, getting into acting by taking classes and auditioning for commercial roles, at least to start, is a great way to build confidence and expand their amazing imaginations.
My son Connor featured here in the blue shirt has an agent, auditions frequently and takes various acting classes on a more occasional basis. He's loving it and his self-confidence and ability to come out of his shell and interact naturally and freely with all kinds of people has grown substantially from when he first started. We've found as parents that a lot of the anxieties that children sometimes feel when faced with new situations or meeting new people can be alleviated to a certain degree through the process.

I create great head shots that your child will need when getting an agent and going out on auditions. Along with your headshot, I also provide experienced and professional advice on the process of getting an agent, acting schools and what's generally involved in the process.
Only 8 sessions are available for shooting dates March 28th and 29th just for kids 14 and under!
Contact me today to reserve your preferred date and time for your child's head shot session and help get them started on a fun and rewarding experience!



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