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This is Amelie, a young actress who is well on her way!  

Amelie is a good friend of my son Connor so I know her quite well. She is extremely bright, great with people, has a funny sense of humour and although only eight years old, she is quite sure of herself. 

So far Amelie has accomplished quite a lot since she first started as a toddler.  She booked her first two auditions at the tender age of two for Crayola and Gerber, done stand-in work, co-starred in the short film Coerced directed by her mother, actor/director Katherine Hill and more recently can be seen in commercials for Nissan and Wind Mobile.  It was especially fun and inspiring, especially for Connor who is also into acting, to see her on the big screen doing her thing in the Wind Mobile commercial.

I have no doubt that Amelie will go on to more great things with her acting and perhaps performing as she also loves to sing and dance!

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Enjoy some of my favourites from Amelie's portrait session with me...



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