Watching the Salmon

Back in September, Connor and his cousin Rae were both fascinated and enamoured by the many, many salmon that filled the water on their way up the Seymour River by our house. It was such a joy to see them so excited and considerate of the fish as they kept insisting that we all be super quiet around them. _Z5C8479_Z5C8479 _Z5C8480_Z5C8480 _Z5C8481_Z5C8481 _Z5C8482_Z5C8482 _Z5C8483_Z5C8483 _Z5C8487_Z5C8487 _Z5C8490_Z5C8490 _Z5C8500_Z5C8500 _Z5C8502_Z5C8502 _Z5C8511_Z5C8511 _Z5C8514_Z5C8514 _Z5C8520_Z5C8520 _Z5C8531_Z5C8531


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