Connor Boone Series | Fall 2016



Connor with the majestic Rocky Mountains towering over Saint Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island in the centre is a nostalgic reminder of our journey together as a family this past summer. Taken from the exact same vantage point family and I stood nearly 40 years ago, I can't help but wonder what my dad was thinking and dreaming about in those early days as a husband and a father. We happened to stop here on our big cross country road trip via Logan's Pass on the Going to the Sun Road into Glacier National Park, only to discover shortly after that my dad had taken the same photo. To my pleasant surprise and obvious lack of memory, I realized that my family and I had travelled the same route all those years ago and stopped at this very spot. Not happenstance but destiny brought me here once again to experience with my family to revel in its beauty, and perhaps share a thought or two my mom and dad may have had as they looked ahead at their lives together with us in tow.  I see Connor grow bigger and wiser and am so grateful for these times we have been given to experience together and proud knowing that he is strong and appreciates life and the nature that abounds with all his heart. He will be just fine.



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