Victoria // Our New Chapter Begins

It's been a whirlwind year - a move to a new house in July 2015 then almost a year later the decision to start anew in a new city altogether, followed by a once in a life time cross-country adventure to Halifax and back. We took the scenic route!  There's so much to tell and share but for now my family and I are over the moon in our new home in Victoria and really enjoying the peace, serenity and joyfulness we experience every day.

My husband Mike and I celebrated our 11 years of marriage this past September and chose to do what we love doing together - exploring nature and capturing the moment using our chosen mediums. We're barely scratching the surface here in terms of places to discover and happened upon Whitty's Lagoon Regional Park Tower Point. It took our breath away...the light, the sounds, the smells. We met a few nice folks who were picnicking on the rocks who offered up freshly picked apples and meaningful conversation. One of my favourite portraits now is of the older gentleman who has lived in our area for over 50 years. He didn't talk much but that didn't matter to me as all could be told in the lines of his face and expression. That and the beauty all around was all I needed to feel connected and resonate and to know we had finally found our forever home.

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