Letts Family at Caulfield Rocks // Vancouver Family Portrait Photographer

It was a beautiful October day and I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend Corinne and her three handsome boys. Actually 4 as we don't want to forget about Woodrow!  The day was perfect with blue sky and fluffy clouds over head and shooting at Caulfield Rocks in West Vancouver provided a picturesque backdrop of the city of Vancouver and the Georgia Strait. The order's been place for some large wall and desk prints and I'm super excited for them because I know that she and her family will cherish these for a very long time!

Corinne Letts Family-8769-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8769-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8794-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8794-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8898Corinne Letts Family-8898 Corinne Letts Family-8907-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8907-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8922-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8922-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8942-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8942-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8949-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8949-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8987-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8987-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-8995-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-8995-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-9010-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-9010-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-9017-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-9017-RETOUCHED Corinne Letts Family-9050-RETOUCHEDCorinne Letts Family-9050-RETOUCHED The 3 Boys-9041-RETOUCHEDThe 3 Boys-9041-RETOUCHED Family Group-9021-RETOUCHEDFamily Group-9021-RETOUCHED


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