Winter Wonderland in Royal Bay

Victoria I'm told doesn't get much snow in the snows maybe once every five years. Lucky for us that this year we get to experience a beautiful winter wonderland in our new community of Royal Bay.

I managed to venture out of house despite nursing a cold and a sore back to a couple of good vantage points overlooking Royal Bay with Victoria proper in the distance. Connor says our little community looks a bit like Whovillle, and he's right. It's nestled in just about Royal Bay in Colwood. Every day when we venture we become witness to this incredible view. I must say though how much prettier it is with freshly fallen snow.

I managed to climb the stairs to our local lookout point and the view was breathtaking. You can also see our little 'Whoville' nestled on the hillside surrounded by forest. Felt good to get out in the fresh air and limber myself up a bit and come back to our cozy home with these gorgeous shots in-hand and share with you...enjoy!

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Morten Byskov(non-registered)
Looks COLD :)
Nice shots.
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