The Joys of Childhood



It feels a heck of a lot like summer these days! It's technically still spring and my favourite time of year...the flowers are up, the forests are lush and it's the perfect time to get outside.  Reminds me of when I was a kid, playing outside all day long until it was time to come in. The joys of childhood run endless with imagination and innocence - who wouldn't want to stay a kid forever? 

Kids are such a great reminder of how important it is to play.  They remind us of the times we felt so free to have fun and simply just be. It's the little things that bring so much joy, like eating something messy, climbing a tree or a sweet cuddle with a furry friend.

I love watching my son Connor play and capturing him in action. He reminds me of the little girl inside me and to bring her out every once in a while. 
What are some of your favourite playful childhood memories?
I'm so grateful to dad for capturing so many memories for me and my family and to be able to that for my own family and for my clients.


"Have fun no matter where you are and play like no-one is watching" ~ Unknown






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