A Visit with a Friend


As I become more and more accustomed to our new home in Victoria, it's only natural that you want to share it with your dearest friends and family, so it was such a special treat when our friends Jude and Chris came to visit. We spent a relaxing weekend at our home just above Royal Bay, despite the fact that we all came done with a nasty stomach bug by the end of it! Even so, my favourite part was our girl's mani/pedi followed by a very pleasant walk with Jude along the beach below our house.  It's very rugged and wild still, which I love and made for some beautiful images of the bare winter beach and trees. More than that, it was wonderful to catch up on one on one and reflect on our lives now with a friend I've known for the better part of 25 years...a rarity indeed, but a cherished one. 

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