A Walk at Thetis Lake

I guess you could say I'm way behind in my blogging with lots of new photos to post. They will be out of order but I wanted to share this day with you from back in February.

My family and I ventured out to Thetis Lake, which is only about a ten minute drive from our home. It was a chilly and damp day but we didn't care and right away we met this old-timer Golden Retriever who kept running in circles from the beach and jumping off into the water. I of course had to bring my camera out and capture as he joyfully leaped about ten times in a row! His buddy was pleased and I took his email so I send him a photo or two. 

We continued on into the forest with two cameras - my pro camera and our point and shoot. Of course as soon as I started taking pictures with my Canon 5D Mark III, Connor wants to take pictures with it and not with the point and shoot, which is a great camera too but not like mum's big camera!

I gave in of course as I love seeing the world through his eyes in the images he creates and to be honest, some of the images I can't tell or remember which of us took. Of course he took the lovely portrait of me and Mike at the end!

I hope you enjoy our little walk around Thetis Lake - just one of the natural beauty spots we have enjoyed so far in our early days as newly landed Victorians.

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