A Walk Above Parkside

Mike and I took a walk the other night above our housing community to check out the new development that's under way up there. It has an incredible view of Royal Bay, Victoria city and Mount Baker on a clear day.  I have to say I can't get enough of where we life; I kinda feel like I'm on a perpetual holiday although of course I'm not, but the fact that we live so close to nature amazes me everyday.

On this walk, we came upon a group of stags just hanging out. As I got closer, one of them actually inched his way towards me, allowing me to get some of these stunning portraits of him!  It's funny too how you can see the flies on antlers! We see deer almost everyday but it was lovely to see them so close and together. They're such gentle creatures - most of time - unless they feel threatened they can really do some damage!  We also see owls, eagles and other little critters quite a bit and love love love that we see them. Mike and I also took some time to take a few shots of each other, mind you I was having a bit of a bad hair day but whatever! _Z5C8685_Z5C8685 _Z5C8656_Z5C8656 _Z5C8692_Z5C8692 _Z5C8662_Z5C8662 _Z5C8665_Z5C8665 _Z5C8668_Z5C8668 _Z5C8669_Z5C8669 _Z5C8671_Z5C8671 _Z5C8672_Z5C8672 _Z5C8674_Z5C8674 _Z5C8679_Z5C8679 _Z5C8680_Z5C8680 _Z5C8681_Z5C8681 _Z5C8683_Z5C8683 _Z5C8689_Z5C8689 _Z5C8643_Z5C8643 _Z5C8644_Z5C8644 _Z5C8645_Z5C8645 _Z5C8655_Z5C8655


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