Profile | Lana Gilbertson, Insolvency Trustee

I'm so very thrilled to feature the very lovely and brilliant Lana Gilbertson. Lana is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with MNP Ltd. and helps clients resolve insolvency/debt issues. In 2015, over 55% of all consumer insolvency filings in Greater Vancouver were consumer proposals, so it is apparent that her services are of great value in today's worl...
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Connor Boone Series | July 2016

Proud to be the flower boy at a very special White Wedding.
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Observations at Beverly Beach

Beverly Beach is definitely one of my favourite spots on the Oregon Coast. It's simply breathtaking and worth featuring a few my personal observations and highlights from our family summer holiday in August 2015.
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Capturing Our Most Precious Connections is a Gift

Summer is here and is an amazing time to relax and just be. I find personally in my own family, especially when we're traveling, our family bond is strengthened and our life together is so much more enriched and meaningful. It is truly the foundation to our well being and happiness as a unit and the best part is that it is free! Capturing our most...
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The Joys of Childhood

It feels a heck of a lot like summer these days! It's technically still spring and my favourite time of year...the flowers are up, the forests are lush and it's the perfect time to get outside. Reminds me of when I was a kid, playing outside all day long until it was time to come in. The joys of childhood run endless with imagination and innocence...
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PORTRAIT | Fadi Oubari

I had the pleasure of photographing a very unique and handsome man recently. Mr. Fadi Oubari is a mechanical engineer and VP for Paris-based company Veolia. He wanted to get some professional portraits that would represent him authentically and stand out artistically reflecting his unique personality and image. I'm happy that we accomplished that a...
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Connor Boone Series | June 2016

Cannon Beach, Oregon Beach Boy in his element.
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Family Portrait Collections 2016

It's hard to believe that our little boy wonder Connor is going to be 9 this year! Time really does fly by when you become a parent. Even in those crazy times when he makes me want to tear my hair out, the beautiful moments we share together always make up for them. 2016 also marks 28 years since my mom passed away. I wish everyday she could...
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Discover on a Deeper Level What Lights You Up!

I know you... You're an entrepreneur, small business owner, personality, performer or public figure who makes an impact - with your clients, colleagues and within your community. You want to take what you love to do to the next level and share it with the world with the help of stunning imagery. Have you ever thought about what your photos actual...
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Portrait | Joel Eddington

Ok, so I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on writing about some of the new work I've been doing since the summer. Joel Eddington is a great guy and a VERY TALENTED magician! We met when he came to me from Reel Athletes Talent to get some new portraits done. The light was absolutely stunning that fall day and we got to have some fun with my st...
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Portrait | Maria Conde

My client Maria Conde is an extraordinary woman and multi-talented at that. By day she is a CPA/CGA by day, a Certified Health Coach and Certified Nutritionist and now with her new venture, a Health, Wealth and Money Coach. She's also mother to her beautiful young daughter, who no doubt holds the same strength, values and courage of her mother. M...
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