Critters of the Earth Pet Photography was created out of my deep love and respect for animals and lifelong desire to do what I can to help make the lives of animals better. I dedicate to create and showcase beautiful portraits of furry friends and fauna of all kinds and to inspire humankind to live more compassionately and to speak out for animals with the desire to contribute to a better world for all living creatures, including us humans.

I believe animals have much to teach us about compassion, trust and unconditional love.

The incredible diversity of all living creatures of the earth is a quiet reminder that we each belong here and deserve a wonderful life.

I photograph authentic and moving animal portraits that celebrate the life of our beloved critters and the special bond we share with them.

I am captivated by the inherent souls and distinctive personalities of animals and find myself compelled to capture that in each portrait I take, allowing their story to naturally shine through.

In addition to volunteering my time and talents to the BC SPCA, Critters of the Earth is another way that I can help animals by donating 10% from each paid portrait session to animal welfare organizations working in the field.

I delight in bringing to the surface the beauty of authenticity and truth in my subjects and experience great personal joy in being gifted with the ability to share affecting visual stories of beautiful creatures, both human and animal.
CrittersBC SPCA Adoption Portraits