Thinking about getting some beautiful portraits of yourself, your family or for your business?

With over 20 years' experience in the visual media industry in advertising, hair and makeup styling and now photography since 2004, I want to bring you images that connect you to the people, memories and experiences that mean the most to you. That inspire and make you happy and your dreams come true. And that leave a lasting impression that only gets better and more precious as time goes on.

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I know you! You are a passionate professional ready to express yourself and take your business to the next level with authentic images that communicate who you are and the brand that is you and connect you to your ideal clients. Your new branding images can include headshots to magazine-style portraits, action and detail shots, your work space, social media banners and more!

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You are a busy professional and perhaps part of a larger organization who needs professionally branded, dynamic, streamlined portraits that not only effectively communicate your company message, but visually express and resonate with your ideal client and business opportunities. Together we create portraits that move people to want to connect with you by raising your company profile with eye-catching portraits that get noticed. 


Beauty comes from within, and when we truly express ourselves, the essence of who we are is revealed and people are naturally drawn to us. You are beautiful; let me capture your natural beauty and personal style in a magazine-style portrait that will change the way you see yourself.




You're a budding, emerging or professional performer, you need personal branding portraits too!! You are your brand, so agents and casting directors want to see the same you in your photos as you are when you meet them in person. They also want to see your versatility. Let's get you noticed with simply stunning portraits and get you in the door.

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Life really is fleeting and when you have kids, it feels like the innocence of their childhood goes by in a heartbeat. Let's capture the essence of you and your family in a fun, candid and connected way. 

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Compelling and unique visual communications for advertising, editorial, small business, real estate and design, non-profit organizations and special assignments. Click on the button below to request more information.

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