How would it be if we didn't have to read labels to ensure that what we put in and on our bodies is safe?

How many products do you use in a day? Are they safe?

As a professional photographer and makeup artist, I joined Beautycounter to help with their bold mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. I realized early in my makeup career that the products available at the time weren't really that safe and no one seemed that concerned about it. I left my 10+ year career in makeup to pursue my passion for photography and now 12 years later, I am overjoyed to finally have found a company that creates safer products that are not only beautiful, they work and perform to the highest standards I expect for myself, my family and friends and my clients. Transparency is paramount to Beautycounter in that every single ingredient is disclosed so that we the consumer know exactly what we are putting on and into our bodies. Beautycounter does not test on animals at any stage in the process, which was a deal-breaker for me on joining as I am an avid animal lover and activist and pet photographer.  It also feels good to be doing makeup & hair styling again and sharing the mission along with healthy beauty and skin care alternatives to my clients!  

Wouldn't you want to protect yourself and your family by using safer products and tell everyone you know about it?


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