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What do your current photos say about you and your brand?

Do they authentically show you in your best light and attract your most desired clients and business endeavours?


Getting noticed and attracting your most desired clients and business endeavours who are right for you is all about knowing who you are, what special gift or talent you have to offer and how you show up in the world, both online and off.

Together we creatively collaborate, plan and style a custom photo session that is all about you and communicates what you love to do and the brand that is you! 

We also discover on a deeper level what lights you up, what your personal style and brand looks like, who or what you want to attract, what you envision for the future and create images that authentically reflect that.

My passion is creating images that authentically tell your story, with heart. The unique images we produce together will connect with and inspire others.

Does this sound like you?

You are an entrepreneur, small business owner, public figure, actor or performer who is looking to take what you love to do to the next level with stunning visual media.

  • You want to feel happy, confident, successful and excited to grow and build your business.
  • You want to raise your public profile, communicate your personal brand and get noticed by your peers and potential clients.
  • You want to show you mean business and get results by effortlessly attracting your best clients and projects.
  • You strive for an image that showcases your unique personality and that sets you apart from your competition showing off your versatility and creativity.
  • You are an expert in your field and want your images to speak to that and to connect with people who want to work with you.

What kind of photo shoots do I offer?

The BRAND YOU is the perfect portrait experience that will get you noticed. Get pampered with full hair and makeup styling and wardrobe guidance for a variety of looks, we photograph in your best light and provide you with two stand-out portraits that show off your versatility and the most authentic you while you hone your brand. Upgrade anytime with a credit towards a Collection.



The COLLECTIONS are my signature, editorial-style, personality-driven branding shoots where we get to go all out creatively and collaborate to create images that set you apart and effectively communicate your unique message. Let us pamper you with full makeup and hair styling and touchups throughout your shoot, along with refreshments to keep you energized. We photograph you in your best light in a variety of outfits in a studio setting and/or on location, with the flexibility to combine portraits with action, location and detail shots, time permitting. Each collection provides you with a unique opportunity to create your very own custom library of six or more images unique to you and your business that speak for you when you can’t be there in person. 

Great for actors and performers, people in the public eye, book authors, politicians, coaches, realtors and entrepreneurs who want to showcase more of who they are and what they do.


The GROUP is ideal for medium to large sized companies who have a team of 2 or more people who need simple, yet unique, high-end, quality portraits to use for all business and marketing needs. 

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RE-FRESH! CONTENT PHOTOGRAPHY PROGRAM - my newest service offering custom photographic content as a one time shoot or on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis for your blog, social media or website that is fresh and modern, and affordable. Great for bloggers, designers, personalities coaches, realtors, practitioners, home builders, cabinet makers, speakers, charities, hair salons, furniture builders, clothing stores, musicians, authors...the list goes on! 

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Not sure what you need or where to start?

Let's figure it out your complimentary Discovery Call.


I would love to learn all about you and what lights you up!