Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586: Blog 2018-03-31T00:22:00Z (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 What Does Your Visual Brand Say About You?

What do your current photos say about you and your brand?

Do they authentically show you in your best light and attract your most desired clients and business endeavours?


Getting noticed and attracting your most desired clients and business endeavours who are right for you is all about knowing who you are, what special gift or talent you have to offer and how you show up in the world, both online and off.

Together we creatively collaborate, plan and style a custom photo session that is all about you and communicates what you love to do and the brand that is you! 

We also discover on a deeper level what lights you up, what your personal style and brand looks like, who or what you want to attract, what you envision for the future and create images that authentically reflect that.

My passion is creating images that authentically tell your story, with heart. The unique images we produce together will connect with and inspire others.

Does this sound like you?

You are an entrepreneur, small business owner, public figure, actor or performer who is looking to take what you love to do to the next level with stunning visual media.

  • You want to feel happy, confident, successful and excited to grow and build your business.
  • You want to raise your public profile, communicate your personal brand and get noticed by your peers and potential clients.
  • You want to show you mean business and get results by effortlessly attracting your best clients and projects.
  • You strive for an image that showcases your unique personality and that sets you apart from your competition showing off your versatility and creativity.
  • You are an expert in your field and want your images to speak to that and to connect with people who want to work with you.

What kind of sessions do I offer?

The BRAND YOU is the perfect portrait experience that will get you noticed. Get pampered with full hair and makeup styling and wardrobe guidance for a variety of looks, we photograph in your best light and provide you with two stand-out portraits that show off your versatility and the most authentic you while you hone your brand. Upgrade anytime with a credit towards a Collection.



The COLLECTIONS are my signature, editorial-style, personality-driven branding shoots where we get to go all out creatively and collaborate to create images that set you apart and effectively communicate your unique message. Let us pamper you with full makeup and hair styling and touchups throughout your shoot, along with refreshments to keep you energized. We photograph you in your best light in a variety of outfits in a studio setting and/or on location, with the flexibility to combine portraits with action, location and detail shots, time permitting. Each collection provides you with a unique opportunity to create your very own custom library of six or more images unique to you and your business that speak for you when you can’t be there in person. 

Great for actors and performers, people in the public eye, book authors, politicians, coaches, realtors and entrepreneurs who want to showcase more of who they are and what they do.


The GROUP is ideal for medium to large sized companies who have a team of 3 or more people who need simple, yet unique, high-end, quality portraits to use for all business and marketing needs. 

dhs bannerdhs banner


Coming soon is my new MEDIA CONTENT PHOTOGRAPHY PROGRAM offering custom photographic content on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis for your blog, social media or website that is fresh and modern, and affordable. Great for bloggers, 

Lana Select-3336Lana Select-3336

A Simple Strategy to Own Your Worth with Professional Visual Branding


1. Be clear about who you are, what you offer and why, and how you want to present yourself in the world.

  • Get in touch with your core values for successful personal branding.
  • What do you stand for?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is your unique gift to the world?
  • Are you authentic in how you show up in the world?

2. Match who you are in the real world to how you present yourself in the virtual world.

  • What do your graphics, imagery and portraits say about you in your marketing materials, social media profiles and online presence?
  • Are you a go-cart online but a Ferrari in real life? 

3. Create images that speak truthfully to the brand that is you.

  • You are your brand so a crucial part of the process is to create images that represent you and what you love to do authentically and in the best light. 
  • You'll attract the clients, business endeavours and desired projects that are most suitable for you. 


   Celebrity publicity portrait session with Robin Stickley, news anchor for Global BC. Photographed for editorials in Assignment Fashion e-zine and TV Week Magazine. _Z5C3410-2_Z5C3410-2  

Not sure what you need or where to start?

Let's figure it out together...connect with me to book your complimentary Visual Branding Strategy Call.



I would love to learn all about you and what lights you up!

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2018-03-30T23:30:00Z 2018-03-30T23:30:00Z Emotionally Connecting with your Clients is Key

Greg Lang & Tom Kaplan-6857Greg Lang & Tom Kaplan-6857 They say a picture is worth a thousand words! A photo quickly conveys so much meaning and communicates a myriad of messages whether we like it or not.

Lets face it, we live in a virtual world where business and social lives are primarily interconnected through online methods and social media applications.

While this is a wonderful advancement and a way to connect, stay connected and build communities, it can sometimes take away from the real connections we have with others.

Whether you are a business person, personality or performer, that is where the importance of having a compelling image of yourself that creates a lasting impression and authentically represents and expresses who you are comes into play in a competitive online space. 

Generating positive online engagement can start with an image that conveys emotion that speaks your brand, connects you to your ideal clients and creates an online and offline presence that draw people to you and leads people to trust you.

How would you like to connect, build and maintain your best clients?  Ultimately, it is in our nature to want to connect emotionally and have our image do that by communicating openness, compassion and approachability.

Social media is a great medium and there is no better way than having powerful images that create a positive emotional impact! 

Book your complimentary Visual Branding Discovery Call with me. Together we'll clarify the best way to create stunning and effective imagery that express you and your brand authentically and connect you uniquely to your best clients and desired endeavours.


Publicity portraits and headshots for actors and performers. _Z5C3995_Z5C3995 juggy-1130edit-fullresjuggy-1130edit-fullres


Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2018-01-25T20:30:00Z 2018-01-25T20:30:00Z Connor Boone Series | November 2017

The boy in his element as he takes a very joyful dip in the warm shallow waters of the Athabasca River on our way to Miette Hot Springs.



Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-12-06T01:03:49Z 2017-12-06T01:03:49Z Gorgeous Fall Day at Deer Lake Park


We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to visit my family in Vancouver, and today was the perfect day to take a walk around Deerl Lake. it’s a bit embarrassing to say but I has never really explored the park before, except briefly when I photographed a wedding a few years ago. It is absolutely stunning! I didn’t actually bring my professional camera with me this time but thankfully my brother let me borrow his to take some beautiful shots to remember our day by

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-10-28T08:09:43Z 2017-10-28T08:09:43Z Connor Boone Series | October 2017


Forever the explorer.

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-10-20T01:41:45Z 2017-10-20T01:41:45Z Connor Boone Series | August 2017


Father and son.

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-08-28T04:32:52Z 2017-08-28T04:32:52Z My Lovely Client Spotlight For August // Pamela Thompson


Pamela Thompson is my kind of lady!  She's a master coach, speaker and author who works with high achieving women who crave more fun, balance and passion in their life and who want to make a difference in the world. Her company is Creative Living Community and we met a little while ago at a networking event. I was flattered to meet Pamela as she approached me right away and said that she was drawn to me and had to meet me. 

Well, of course we hit it off right away as I particularly love and admire and want to photograph people whose work involves helping others and making the world a better place. We also have the travel bug in common and it was interesting to learn that Pamela had spent time working with various organizations around the world including as Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan. One of my most influential times in my life was being a youth participant in Canada World Youth in 1988-89 in Pakistan. 

Needless to say, Pamela is a seasoned, experienced and wise woman and so I'm super excited for her as she launches her coaching practise here in Victoria and continues her work as a speaker and educator. Her book "Learning to Dance with Life" is an excellent guide and compliment to her work with women who wish to find peace within amongst the chaos of daily life. I think we all could use a little bit of that!

Pamela Thompson is My Lovely Client Spotlight For August along with a few of our favourites from the shoot. 

I'm passionate about supporting business and professional women facing a major life change. I love designing and facilitating processes (e.g. workshops, group coaching programs, and retreats) where women can feel safe and supported to learn, grow, and share. From a young age I've been curious about different people, countries and cultures and have had the opportunity to live and work on 5 continents in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Colombia and Russia. Since a child I've been concerned about fairness and equality. As a consultant I've had the opportunity to work with an NGO that promotes women's and children's rights around the world, and with Ministries of Health in different countries to create new programs, strategic plans and build capacity. 

Nature connects me with my soul  - be it kayaking, hiking, swimming, doing yoga or having fun with my dear partner Alan. I am the proud mother of 2 adult children and Nana to 3 grandchildren under 3 with #4 on the way! I believe that life is an adventure to be lived to the fullest!

Linda made the process so relaxing and fun! During the photoshoot I felt like a queen :) I appreciated Linda's comprehensive and professional approach as before the photo shoot she sent me a survey to learn more about me, my business, my brand and what I was looking for in photos. I loved Linda's flexibility and the fact she felt comfortable shooting outdoors as well as in the studio. I have used most of the photos Linda took on my new website and I will continue to use them for social media and other promotional activities.

PamelaThompson-PRINT-5732PamelaThompson-PRINT-5732 PamelaThompson-PRINT-5759PamelaThompson-PRINT-5759


I believe that "life is an adventure to be lived to the fullest"! I'm curious with a thirst for learning. I love connecting with and learning from people from a variety of backgrounds. I believe that we are all here to make a positive difference in the world.

I'm excited about launching a new website with a new focus: The tagline is "Embrace the Art of Change to Create the Life You Love". It builds on previous work I've done. I believe "Embracing change" is so critical right now as many of us feel a lot of uncertainty, and if we don't successfully navigate life transitions we keep repeating the same negative patterns in our lives.

I'm excited about launching new workshops, programs and keynotes to support business and professional women facing a major life change be it in their career, relationship, health or home. I have a proven model and tools that support women to move from fear and uncertainty to clarity, confidence, improved health and fulfillment.

Passionate, Adventurous, Curious, Creative, Globally Minded

It's difficult to pick one favourite shot Linda took of me as she took so many good ones that it was difficult to choose the limited number in my package. The ones in nature I think captured my essence as I so enjoy being outdoors.

Being able to connect with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds

By spending time in nature at least 3 times a week, doing yoga regularly and meditating daily.

My new website and the new women and organizations I will meet, learn from and support with this new business focus.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." (Ghandi)



Photography:  Linda Mackie Photography

Hair & Makeup:  Makeup Artistry by Trish




Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-08-10T15:00:00Z 2017-08-10T15:00:00Z A Walk Above Parkside

Mike and I took a walk the other night above our housing community to check out the new development that's under way up there. It has an incredible view of Royal Bay, Victoria city and Mount Baker on a clear day.  I have to say I can't get enough of where we life; I kinda feel like I'm on a perpetual holiday although of course I'm not, but the fact that we live so close to nature amazes me everyday.

On this walk, we came upon a group of stags just hanging out. As I got closer, one of them actually inched his way towards me, allowing me to get some of these stunning portraits of him!  It's funny too how you can see the flies on antlers! We see deer almost everyday but it was lovely to see them so close and together. They're such gentle creatures - most of time - unless they feel threatened they can really do some damage!  We also see owls, eagles and other little critters quite a bit and love love love that we see them. Mike and I also took some time to take a few shots of each other, mind you I was having a bit of a bad hair day but whatever! _Z5C8685_Z5C8685 _Z5C8656_Z5C8656 _Z5C8692_Z5C8692 _Z5C8662_Z5C8662 _Z5C8665_Z5C8665 _Z5C8668_Z5C8668 _Z5C8669_Z5C8669 _Z5C8671_Z5C8671 _Z5C8672_Z5C8672 _Z5C8674_Z5C8674 _Z5C8679_Z5C8679 _Z5C8680_Z5C8680 _Z5C8681_Z5C8681 _Z5C8683_Z5C8683 _Z5C8689_Z5C8689 _Z5C8643_Z5C8643 _Z5C8644_Z5C8644 _Z5C8645_Z5C8645 _Z5C8655_Z5C8655

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-08-04T02:00:07Z 2017-08-04T02:00:07Z 5 Ways To Create Visual Marketing

Visual marketing gives you a unique opportunity to authentically share your story and what sets you apart in your business. The right visual content can help you build a trustworthy brand and articulate your online persona and is proven to boost your online reach, engagement and sales. Who doesn’t want that?! Here are my top 5 tried and tested tips for creating successful visual marketing content:

1.  Be Part Of Your Story

YOU are your brand. Experiment by adding personal touches to your visual marketing, such as sharing behind the scenes photos of your workspace, favourite coffee shop, activities and hobbies. Your environment makes you and your business unique. 93% of online buyers admit that images are the number one influential factor when it comes to buying a product, therefore create inspiration around your story by associating images to every product you sell.

This is me photographing my son on the Oregon Coast. To me this image encapsulates me and my brand,  why I do what I do and why I love taking pictures. 



2. Create Quote Cards

Your brand kit is an asset. Use signature colour tones and fonts to create inspiring quote cards that will be attractive on social media and encourage sharing. Remember, an inspirational quote on a gloomy Monday morning will always brighten someone’s day.


3. Strong Calls To Action

Did you know that 70% of businesses don't have a call to action?! Get clear about what you want prospective clients to do next. This could be a page on your website or in a blog post. Ask them to visit another page, RSVP to an event or take advantage of a special offer. Don’t let prospective clients leave your website before you’ve asked them to get involved, think about what the call to action is on each and very post that you share.


4. Show Images That Are On Brand

Your images reflect your brand; they show your brand values and the unspoken promise you deliver to your customer. Show your brand value via your pictures, understand what type of images best represent your brand. Look to Pinterest or other favourite brands/websites for inspiration and create a branding kit mood board of images that match your visual branding.


5. Help Your Clients With Tutorials

Tutorials are an effective way to help existing clients and attract new business. Videos, visuals, blog posts and infographics are great ways to share your acumen.  Choose subjects that are relevant to your ideal client and that perhaps make their life easier. If it’s something they can learn on the go, even better.  I'd love to see your examples of client tutorials, so feel free to post in the comments or on my Facebook page.



Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-07-31T23:25:15Z 2017-07-31T23:25:15Z Personal Branding | Laura Zielke, Graphic Designer

This is Laura Zielke, my new friend and neighbour here in Victoria.

How lucky was I to meet Laura, who happens to be a fantastic graphic designer and so graciously gave my Linda Mackie Photography logo a cool update!

Laura's company is ZDesign. Her work speaks for itself however Laura prides herself on giving her clients a truly holistic experience and thrives on solving any creative problem for her clients. Laura has over ten years in the design field and specializes in Concept & Development, Branding & Identity, Art Direction, Visual Design, Advertising and Web Design.

I had the pleasure of photographing Laura earlier this year for her personal branding portraits, so we ventured out around our new hood and found some great spots to shoot at by the new high school.  She's a pretty no-fuss, natural kinda girl so we kept her portraits fresh and simple, with clean backgrounds with a hint of graphics to reflect the designer in her.

Here are a few of our favourites from her shoot.

Laura Zielke - ZDesign_Z5C3042 Laura Zielke - ZDesign_Z5C3042 Laura Zielke - ZDesign_Z5C3042 Laura Zielke - ZDesign_Z5C3042

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-07-18T21:39:12Z 2017-07-18T21:39:12Z Personal & Travel | Kinsol Trestle

This past weekend we were invited by our friends to resume our explorations of our new home on Vancouver Island. This time we visited Kinsol Trestle in the Cowichan Valley near Shawnigan Lake.  Here are some of the highlights!


Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-07-06T19:33:01Z 2017-07-06T19:33:01Z Jasmine

I love this fashion/ beauty shoot with gorgeous model Jasmine!  

It felt great to get the creative juices flowing again after a bit of a hiatus from shooting my own personal work in the midst of moving and getting myself established here in Victoria.  Working with Jasmine and makeup artist and wardrobe stylist extraordinaire Erin Bradley was a lot of fun.  I'm very happy with the results. There are actually many great shots I could have shared but here are a few for you to enjoy for now!

Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270 Jasmine_Z5C5270

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-06-27T19:08:07Z 2017-06-27T19:08:07Z In the Garden

Just planted some new plants in our garden and especially loving the Clematis, Kong Coleus and Cherry Tomato plants.  

Hopefully our black thumbs will turn green sooner than later!

_Z5C6471_Z5C6471 _Z5C6475_Z5C6475 _Z5C6469_Z5C6469 _Z5C6483_Z5C6483 _Z5C6486_Z5C6486 _Z5C6487_Z5C6487 _Z5C6488_Z5C6488 _Z5C6490_Z5C6490 _Z5C6491_Z5C6491

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-06-06T15:00:00Z 2017-06-06T15:00:00Z CONNOR BOONE SERIES | JUNE 2017



Who says a 9 year old can't still love having his face painted?


Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-06-05T16:49:33Z 2017-06-05T16:49:33Z A Walk in the Park with Boris & Bertie

It's no secret that I'm absolutely loving our new home in Victoria.  Getting to know my new city and exploring is so much fun and really, I'm only scratching the surface. I'm lucky to have found a new friend in my new neighbour Laura. Earlier in the year we took her two sweet pups for a lovely stroll in Latoria Creek Park which is just below where we live in Royal Bay. Here are some favs from the day! _Z5C2555_Z5C2555

_Z5C2531_Z5C2531 _Z5C2532_Z5C2532 _Z5C2538_Z5C2538 _Z5C2542_Z5C2542 _Z5C2543_Z5C2543 _Z5C2545_Z5C2545 _Z5C2551_Z5C2551 _Z5C2554_Z5C2554 _Z5C2560_Z5C2560 _Z5C2563_Z5C2563 _Z5C2570_Z5C2570 _Z5C2571_Z5C2571 _Z5C2572_Z5C2572 _Z5C2573_Z5C2573 _Z5C2575_Z5C2575

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-05-11T19:13:56Z 2017-05-11T19:13:56Z Beautiful Moms

These are but a few of the many beautiful moms I've had the honour of photographing over the years since I began my photography career in 2004. No matter what I was photographing them for, whether for family or portraits for their business, I'm so happy I was able to capture them as they truly are and create images that they and their loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. 

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I want to be able to give you portraits of yourself that you and your family, especially your children will love as the years go by. I still search for pictures of my mom that I can frame to remember her by and the love that we shared, albeit for only a short time. She's been gone longer than when she was with us, but my love for her has never waivered. 

Now is the time to book some beautiful portraits of you to celebrate the wonderful mom that you are, or of you and the ones you love together. Whatever your vision, I want to capture it for you so that you and your children won't be searching for photos of you when it's too late.

See my Mother's Day Portrait Collection 2017 at the end for details and now to book!

2017-05-10_00082017-05-10_0008 2017-05-10_00032017-05-10_0003 2017-05-10_00042017-05-10_0004 2017-05-10_00052017-05-10_0005 2017-05-10_00062017-05-10_0006 2017-05-10_00072017-05-10_0007





Mother's Day Collection 2017 (4)Mother's Day Collection 2017 (4)

Contact me for full details and to book your spot with Mother's Day Collection 2017 in the subject line.

*Clients outside of Victoria are welcome to inquire as I may be able to line up a special session for you depending on my schedule.

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-05-10T21:35:07Z 2017-05-10T21:35:07Z Connor Boone Series - May 2017



Another great portrait of Connor in his element from a series of amazing captures of him throwing sand at second beach at Stanley Park in Vancouver in the summer of 2014. I had to share this one because although my favourite from this series is a huge canvas on our dining room wall, this one is incredible because it really shows his energy and passion in the moment.


Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-05-10T19:21:20Z 2017-05-10T19:21:20Z My Lovely Client Spotlight For May // Angela Rodenburgh

Meet Angela Rodenburgh, owner and CEO of her one stop shop for all things marketing - Ladderup Inc.

I had the double pleasure of working with Angela this past year. First as Angela's co-speaker talking on Perception is RealityHow are You and Your Brand Perceived Online?  And more recently as her photographer for her new personal branding portraits for her business.   

Angela is an extremely knowledgeable and talented business woman, who happens to be pretty darn gorgeous!  I had a blast photographing Angela and her associates Kirat and Michael. It was almost too much fun as it felt very much like a fashion editorial shoot, but really that's what a shoot with me should feel like!

When I asked Angela to dGenuine, Professional, Aptitude, and Best in Class. We delved into her business, what she provides for her clients and what she wanted her images to convey. Angela's new portraits indeed convey those qualities and genuinely engage the viewer.

Angela Rodenburgh is My Lovely Client Spotlight For May along with a few of our favourites from the shoot. 

I am the President of Ladder Up Marketing Inc., an agency in Vancouver that specializes in consulting and executing digital marketing efforts such as website development, branding, social media management and content writing to increase inbound leads. Family and friends always come first for me but I’m truly fortunate to love what I do. We have a great team and our agency works with a wide variety of clients from small online start-ups to multinational companies and every day brings a new challenge which keeps things engaging and eventful.

Linda is extremely detailed orientated which I very much appreciated. She really took the time to understand the goals of the photo shoot and what my expectations were. Linda was very complementary the entire day as well, I think my staff and I were all sitting a little taller that day!


AngelaRodenburgh-PRINT-3714AngelaRodenburgh-PRINT-3714 AngelaRodenburgh-PRINT-3619AngelaRodenburgh-PRINT-3619 AngelaRodenburgh-PRINT-3665AngelaRodenburgh-PRINT-3665
















I think the one with me wearing the red and black dress. It combines all the aspects I was hoping for in that I look capable, confident and approachable.




Whatever it takes.

With our new office space, we've been holding workshops and providing mentoring which has been well received and is very rewarding. We'll be expanding that aspect of our business a lot this year.





Mom, wife, friend, daughter and sister.




Dreams can't come true if you don't have any.

At home.

Jack Black Lip Balm




Photography:  Linda Mackie Photography

Photography Assist:  Richard Amies

Hair & Makeup:  Jasmine Hoffman




Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-05-03T01:11:53Z 2017-05-03T01:11:53Z A Walk at Thetis Lake

I guess you could say I'm way behind in my blogging with lots of new photos to post. They will be out of order but I wanted to share this day with you from back in February.

My family and I ventured out to Thetis Lake, which is only about a ten minute drive from our home. It was a chilly and damp day but we didn't care and right away we met this old-timer Golden Retriever who kept running in circles from the beach and jumping off into the water. I of course had to bring my camera out and capture as he joyfully leaped about ten times in a row! His buddy was pleased and I took his email so I send him a photo or two. 

We continued on into the forest with two cameras - my pro camera and our point and shoot. Of course as soon as I started taking pictures with my Canon 5D Mark III, Connor wants to take pictures with it and not with the point and shoot, which is a great camera too but not like mum's big camera!

I gave in of course as I love seeing the world through his eyes in the images he creates and to be honest, some of the images I can't tell or remember which of us took. Of course he took the lovely portrait of me and Mike at the end!

I hope you enjoy our little walk around Thetis Lake - just one of the natural beauty spots we have enjoyed so far in our early days as newly landed Victorians.

_Z5C2727Thetis Lake _Z5C2739_Z5C2739 _Z5C2748_Z5C2748 _Z5C2756_Z5C2756 _Z5C2759_Z5C2759 _Z5C2761_Z5C2761 _Z5C2769_Z5C2769 _Z5C2763_Z5C2763 _Z5C2768_Z5C2768 _Z5C2775_Z5C2775 _Z5C2777_Z5C2777 _Z5C2784_Z5C2784 _Z5C2780_Z5C2780 _Z5C2785_Z5C2785 _Z5C2787_Z5C2787 _Z5C2788_Z5C2788 _Z5C2833_Z5C2833

Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 (C) Linda Mackie Photography | Victoria, BC | 250-588-0586 2017-04-26T18:37:02Z 2017-04-26T18:37:02Z My Lovely Client Spotlight | Diane Rolston


I'm pretty lucky to know a lot of great women but I happen to know one who is also incredibly dynamic, and her name is Diane Rolston.

Diane is the mother of two beautiful children under the age of five. She's an entrepreneur, business and life coach and founder of the very fast growing business networking group Dynamic Women in Action (DWA) with chapters all over the lower mainland of Vancouver. You'd think that would be enough but no! She also just published a booked called Dynamic You: The Secret Code To Being Confident, Wealthy & Successful, set to launch in Canada on May 4th.

So it's no surprise if you know Diane that she was recently awarded the Motherpreneur Award at the Tammy Moyer WOW Awards. I only have one child aand I've always wondered how she's able to accomplish so much and keep everyone around her motivated...big congratulations to you Diane on that one!

Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous woman, I got to experience her coaching and expertise and knowledge Diane brings to her clients. I'm proud to say that I'm a dynamic woman myself as a professional photographer and member of the DWA group of entrepreneurs who she leads.

Diane needed some dynamic portraits of herself that really show off not only her natural beauty, but her fun and quirky personality and love of being bold!  I had a great time photographing Diane and doing her hair and makeup Diane using products by Beautycounter, a company I am a consultant for who are leading the way in the industry towards safer beauty.

Diane is My Lovely Client Spotlight for April....prepare to be inspired! 


I love working with professional women to provide clarity, boost confidence and get them into action. I left the life of the 9-5 employee and simultaneously became an entrepreneur and mother. Now a mother of two, business owner and community leader I consider myself an expert in change, work/life balance, prioritizing and getting things done! 

It was nice that Linda was with me for the whole experience. She did my hair, my makeup and took the photos. That made me really enjoy our time together and I knew she had her hand in each aspect of the photos.

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I love the shots where I'm in the bright peach dress and I'm angled with my hands on my hips and my hair is blowing. The angle pose she got me in was really flattering and I feel it really shows my friendly and open personality, and still shows my strong and powerful side.


My mission is to give every person permission to not be listed by our titles and our roles. We are more than that! If we started to show up in our lives as "who we are" rather than "what we do" then we would show up as equals, we could ditch perfectionism, we'd feel more in control of our outcomes, we'd increase our satisfaction and success as well as be able to be unapologetically ourselves! This is why I created the community called Dynamic Women™ in Action and wrote my book "Dynamic You™".

After just returning from being the keynote at a large conference in Washington I feel like this year has started strong. Being in front of 300+ people in an audience is really where I get to shine and I loved sharing my message and afterwards hearing from a lot of them. My book, "Dynamic You™" which is also a program by the same name just came out! It's on its way to be a best seller which I'm very proud of. So I guess what's next is the book launch, tour and speaking on more international stages.

Trail Blazer, funny, creative, ambitious, strong.

My ability to unlock the greatness in others with my "kind heart", my "intuitive ability" and my "get it done" coaching style.

Continuously working with women who inspire me and challenging myself all the time with things that keep me on my toes and push me to the next level.

I often work with women who are amazing, but don't realize it and as a result they play it safe, are overcritical of their abilities and they often undervalue themselves. Recently I've been working with a entrepreneur who is in the beginning stages of her journey. She has already had a lot of success, but she didn't realize what she was missing out on. It has been so great to stand in the coach position and pull her greatness out of her. This has helped her to believe she can do more than she thought. In a mentor role I'm passing on my learnings so she doesn't lose time, money and opportunities. In just a few sessions we were able to double her revenue, double her reach, build her list and position her next opportunity. She is now seeing the big picture a lot clearer and having me in her corner brings her clarity of where she needs to go, confidence to go for it and a tangible action plan to get there.

When I'm laughing and when I'm wearing bright colours and great accessories!

Blessed to be strong, curvy and healthy.

"If you don't believe in yourself 100% of the time, hire someone who does."


Photography:  Linda Mackie Photography

Makeup and Hair Styling:  Linda Mackie using skincare and makeup products by Beautycounter

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