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Profile | Christian Schrapff, Actor

November 24, 2010  •  Leave a Comment
I met Christian Schrapff about a year ago at a fashion party here in Vancouver.  Christian and his agent Andrew Webster introduced themselves to me and the connection was instantaneous.

Christian is an experienced actor with a cool look and a talented storyteller.  Upon meeting Christian, I found him to be very articulate and sure of himself, not to mention very friendly and personable. I liked him instantly and knew that we would connect at some point. A year or so later he emailed me out of the blue wanting me to do his next  publicity headshots!  We met shortly after and worked out a plan to create the specific kinds of portraits he wanted for his upcoming visit to Los Angeles. We did exactly that and created some kick-ass shots for him that I'm confident will work for him for a variety of publicity media.

I not only really enjoyed working with Christian, I learned a lot during the creative process that will make me a better photographer and visual artist, for which I am very grateful.

Thanks Christian for your patience, great sense of humour and trust in me!

So needless to say, Christian is November's Profile with a few select favourites from our shoot together.

Read more about Christian from our recent interview after the jump...

Tell me a bit about yourself...about you, your business and/or what you like to do with your time.

How ’bout... I'm a Fire sign first and foremost - the passionate, and sensitive kind - who can sometimes be a little bit brash - Lol! But not to worry, I more than make up for it! My business is Film - and everything else I've had to do to get there.

What is your philosophy or approach to life?

My philosophy in life begins with Balance. Balance is everything. The majority of us nowadays are completely out of balance and out of touch with ourselves, and we are constantly looking to fill the void with all the wrong things in life and for all the wrong reasons. It's hurting us... Everyday I am reminded that happiness is ultimately within you and within your reach, not outside of you. All it takes is a little courage to find it. As for my approach... if there's chocolate in the fridge, I will eat it :')

If you could pick one favorite shot(s) Linda took of you/for you, which one(s) would it be and why?

We shot in front of this silver metallic wall just shortly after lunch and it was by far my favorite spot. The light reflecting off of it created a whole new dynamic for us and made everything that much more versatile. Ps: In one shot, it looks like the wall is melting away in the background, and I'm just standing there with a smile - it's really cool.

What did you like best about working with Linda and how have your photos benefited you?

I met Linda at a fashion party about a year ago and right away I picked up on her energy. She had a certain caring and compassionate nature about her - it was in the air and all around her. I knew right away that I'd be in good hands.

What's new in your life? What's next for you?

I have to admit... the past five years or so have been a real test of endurance for me, but I've reached the end of that cycle - Thank Goodness - and I'm already starting a new one... And I have to say - it's off to a really good start! I've just finished writing a feature film - Teardrop - A dark, gritty and evocatively written dramatic thriller that has taken me 3 years of sweat and tears, and I'm thrilled - truly. It was an incredible experience and I've already been invited down to Los Angeles to lunch with some very influential people. Nothing is impossible.


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