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Oregon Coast Holiday - Day 7

October 28, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

We're definitely fully into vacation mode now, and as far breaking camp goes, we're a well-oiled machine! It's still relatively early in the AM and we're heading northwards once again towards home. It's gotten a bit foggy again, so we know we're missing some really nice views, but it's still a pretty nice drive.

First stop is Devil's Punchbowl. It's quite a bit more impressive at high tide, but it's still pretty nice. Connor and I chase some varmints - they're pretty cute.




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Forging onwards through the fog, we take the Otter Crest Loop to the aptly-named Cape Foulweather, which proves to be marginally photogenic despite the complete and utter lack of a view.

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Next stop, Depoe Bay. It's a cool little village built around the narrowest navigable harbour in the world. Last time we saw whales right from the highway but this time it's really foggy so we're lucky to see a couple harbour seals. We have another yummy meal. I've totally gotten into clam chowder on this trip - and the chowder at The Chowder Bowl is pretty good!

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0004364900043649 0004364600043646

0004363900043639 0004363600043636

0004363100043631 0004362700043627 We hit our first traffic of the trip in Lincoln City and luckily Connor falls asleep for a couple of hours while we drive through the rolling farmland around Tillamook. Last time through we did both the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Three Capes Loop - both totally worth it. This time around, we just don't have the time.





By the time Connor wakes up, were back on the seaside approaching Garibaldi. Our initial plan to camp at Nehalem Bay State Park is thwarted by no vacancy so we push through to Cannon Beach. As it's kinda foggy and on the cool side, we decide to stay at the Inn at Cannon Beach - it's really nice! Friendly staff and very comfortable rooms. Connor's happy to have a bath and then we go for a walk. The photos speak for themselves! 0004362300043623


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Near the end of the walk, Connor discovers a dead baby porpoise - he's pretty glum. After that, it's back to the room to relax... But before I can join Linda and Connor I have to run out and get dinner - a delicious pizza from Fultano's -  Yum! We all pass out watching a couple of movies from the Inn's DVD library.

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