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Oregon Coast Holiday - Day One

September 14, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Excited for our week long holiday, we packed the van the night before so all we had to do was wake up, hop in and go. Usually something like this only works with a toddler in theory… But it seemed Connor was as excited to get on the road as we were, so at 6:32 AM we pulled out of our driveway and headed to the Peace Arch Border crossing. We didn't get there early enough to breeze right through, but by 8:00AM we were south of the border. Day Two



The Woods Coffee at the Birch Bay exit was our first stop to get our morning coffee and munchables, and for Linda to make sure she was only going to get moderately screwed by Telus for roaming charges in the US (this close to the border the Canadian network is still accessible). I was OK as I'd purchased a week long Data Pass for my FIDO iphone. $50 for 60MB – still approaching robbery but at least I knew what I had to work with. So the coffee was pretty good… And my maple/bacon scone – the likes of which I'd never had before – was pretty darned tasty too!

We pretty much hauled it through Seattle and toyed with the idea of a quick stop to explore part of Portland, but ended up pushing right on through to Turner, Oregon where we surprised Connor with a visit to The Enchanted Forest – a 70's era Mom and Pop roadside attraction that stirred up some interesting, however displaced, memories for me (I was pretty sure I'd been there when I was a kid, but had never been to Oregon). It's pretty kitschy and is really geared to the 8 and under set – so Connor absolutely loved it! He rode his first log flume ride and roller coaster here… And pretty much had a beaming smile for the whole time we were there (he went a bit nuts when we said we had to leave, which is pretty much SOP for a 3 year old).

We checked into our room at the Red Lion Hotel in Salem that we'd got for a song through Priceline. The people were friendly, the room was nice, the beds comfortable and there was a pool. We had a great dinner at the very kid-friendly Willamette Noodle Company and Linda discovered her new favourite summer wine – Oregon Blossom by Willamette Valley Vineyards. We crashed for the night shortly after sundown, ready to complete the southward leg of our journey the next day.

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