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Sometimes Being Sick Can Be A Good Thing

January 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Being sick sure is a humbling experience. As I slowly emerge from probably the worst flu I have ever had, I feel as though I've reminded myself that I can actually benefit from these down times, embrace it and be humbled by it.  Normally I can't sit still, but this one really knocked me out!

The first few days were almost unbearable but as I come out of it, I realise that the time I've been given to just succumb to it, to reflect and review on things that I otherwise would not give myself the time to do because I'd tell myself I'm too busy or don't have time, has truly been a gift.

It's given me the opportunity to actually think about my dreams and aspirations, what I want to do, and come up with ideas. I've spent time on the computer researching and discovering and learning new things that inspire me. I've used some time reconnect with a myriad of images I've taken since I began this crazy journey into photography and have found some real gems that I somehow overlooked. Perhaps because I twas busy with client work or didn't recognize their qualities that I see in them now. Much of my personal and family photos have never really been seen by anyone, even by me in some cases as I often found myself focusing on photos for others or distracted by other things. I'm excited to revisit these images and perhaps rework them with the knowledge and skills that I gained along the way and be able to share them with you.

It's also inspired me to take better care of myself, which is likely the case for everyone, but I'm looking forward to getting out of this bed and eating better, taking that extra care in the morning when I get ready for the day and really relishing in the sunshine and fresh air and savouring the moments as they come.

I've thought about Mexico a lot too, a very special place for Mike and I.  We've had such amazingly magical times there together, best of all creating our beautiful boy Connor ;). We've since been back a couple of times as a family and so look forward to going again. And so I share with you this beautiful tropical flower from the Mayan Riviera from our first holiday there in 2007. 



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