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Childhood Home and Priceless Memories

November 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been going through some old photos lately and came across a few of my favourite childhood home. I was four years old in 1972 when we moved in and I look back on those precious years with such fondness. So many wonderful and magical times we had. My mom and dad were together and happy and was a time when I felt the most loved and free.  It's the place where I learned to ride a bike, built forts and rode homemade go-carts with my brother and was free to spend long days outside simply exploring the world around me.

Our house was the social hub of Lawson Avenue for both kids and adults alike. Typically awesome 70s birthday parties complete with long floral dresses, plastic leis and London Bridge and crashing our parents' alcohol-flowing shindigs performing silly skits. It was also the place where we built strong lifelong bonds with friends we hold very dear to this day. 

My childhood BFF Mara lived next door in the coolest 70s house ever! Her dad was an architect and built it from scratch, complete with a matching playhouse in the backyard. The three-storey house had beautiful dark wood paneling, mod circular windows and openings, stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings and the consummate sunken living room that doubled as a secret hiding space underneath in the basement for us kids to get up to no good in.

We lived there for a five years before we moved up the hill closer to my high school. Mara and her family left a few years later I believe. Sadly we lost touch but the memories of our time there are ever vivid. Fortunately for me, I got to relive a bit of my childhood in 2004 when my long time friend Heidi and I got to stay at Mara's old house one weekend. The couple who bought it back in the late 70s truly cherished the home and gave it the love and attention it deserved, preserving its original beauty and design. I believe they still live there. ;)

I took these photos early in my photography career and although not the most amazing images, to me they are priceless in holding in my mind's eye beautiful memories of an enchanting time, long gone by. It was always my dream to buy our house back one day, but alas the family who bought it from us sold the property for a solid $2M a year or two ago which was then promptly torn down to build the unsightly monster house that currently sits in its place.

To this day, I still look upon 2564 Lawson as our house. Funnily enough, about ten years ago my Dad and brother Ian and I were invited to see the house one last time. Ian was curiously excited because what he found in a tiny crawl space under the stairs was incredible! Almost thirty years later he found a handful of figurines and toys he used to play with, untouched and arranged just as he had left them. This story always brings a tear to my eye as I can still envision him in there playing to his heart's content. It always amazes me how I am able to take with me in my heart all the wonderful people and places that have touched me on my life's journey and look back upon them with such wonder and delight. Just wanted to share.


Our house on Lawson Street100_0048_RT16Just as we left in 1977, complete with the vines my dad planted and intertwined on the fence. 100_0033_RT16100_0033_RT16 100_0027_RT16100_0027_RT16 100_0024_RT16100_0024_RT16 100_0026_RT16100_0026_RT16 100_0028_RT16100_0028_RT16 100_0037_RT16100_0037_RT16


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