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Ah, The Life of a Freelancer

April 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

...and those little rewards that magically appear every once in a while.

As a freelance artist for the past 20 years, you kinda get used to the roller coaster ride of being your own boss and creating your own destiny. With this freedom though comes the ups and downs of working for yourself. When it's super busy and you're running off your feet working for clients you love and creating exciting images, life just couldn't get any better. On the other hand, when work is slow and you're doing everything in your power to land assignments, life isn't as fantastic to say the least! It can be downright disheartening.

You do kinda get used to the uncertainty of it all, but it's still unsettling at the best of times and can take you to the extremes if you let it.  When it's great, you believe how great you are, but when it's not, self-doubt has a habit of creeping in.  What it really comes down to is believing in yourself and revisiting all your successes and happy clients. 

This morning I received a message via my website contact page that pretty much blew me away to the point of tears!

There was no other reason for writing other than to comment on and compliment my photography, that on its own was amazing.

Needless to say I was speechless.

So for today, these anonymous words truly made my day and became that little reward and inspiration to stay focused and motivated to keep doing what I love!


I've been thinking about what I notice often in your photographs of individuals and if you don't mind me elaborating here it finally struck me that you take a style of portrait that is quite humanly rich in the capturing of the intended. None of your realms are over the top -in a good way- as your focus makes us sincerely study the person being photographed. 

Again, for what it is worth, being in the vein of CS Photoshop (yet not a diehard for it's use(fulness)), 'to recommend you to anyone whom really wants to be captured for 'whomever they are' without exacting flare, yet capturing their inner strengths, so to speak. There, you have, to my eye, have really brought volumes. Sincerely herein, J


  Fashion, editorial and model portraits. Portraits of family and children in varying stages of childhood



What a wonderful surprise for you!

Years ago I wrote a series of articles for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers "Imagemaker" magazine when we were living in the UK. It was my first feature article with photos, in a magazine with photogs who inspire me to this day. But the big caption they chose to highlight was "I cried myself to sleep at night". It felt so raw, so awkward to share with the world. A few weeks later a fellow SWPP photographer emailed me, saying she too had to up and move "across the pond" and definitely found it challenging to pick up and start over, and thanked me for sharing the article. It felt so good to touch someone so much that they felt the need to respond.

J's kind words to you are a good reminder to "practice random kindness", that we can make someone's day without spending a dime.
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