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Confidence comes from within…


When we express ourselves, the essence of who we are is revealed and people are naturally drawn to us.


You are beautiful just the way you are.


Let’s capture what makes you uniquely you in magazine-style portraits that will forever change the way you see, express, appreciate and accept yourself just the way you are.


Encompassing everything that makes you who you are, my Style + Beauty Portrait sessions are designed to help you step into the grandest version of yourself so that confidence and beauty feel completely natural.

"Wow, Linda, the photos and folio box are gorgeous!  

Thank you thank you thank you!  Amazing."


Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.47.30 PM.png


Style + Beauty Portrait Photography is the art of capturing your unique appearance and personality so that your inner beauty and style shines through.  Together we collaborate to help you express yourself in whatever way you desire. This can be through artistic photography, fine art portraiture, or modern boudoir. It's my job to help you better appreciate your own beauty and what makes you unique.

Here's what Style + Beauty Portrait Photography can do for you:

  • Showcase your beauty.

  • Increase your confidence.

  • Experience yourself at a soul level.

  • Express yourself.

  • Let loose.

  • Feel empowered.

What are you waiting're worth it!


We begin the creative process with a get-to-know-you and planning call to crystallize your vision for your portrait session. My team of professional hair and makeup artists help you look your best so you exude natural confidence. You'll also receive guidance on what to wear, how to pose, and how to prepare for your photoshoot. My process is an experience designed from start to finish to empower you to express yourself and see your own power and beauty.

Still have questions? 

Let's hop on a call and I'll walk you through everything and answer all your questions!

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