Up-Level Your Image, Up-Level Your Business



 A portrait that accurately represents you will naturally, and quite powerfully, breathe life into your image and raise your credibility and trust to potential clients.

With that in mind, I specifically designed this special portrait day for professionals, performers and those of you in the process of creating or updating your marketing plan. An easy way to get high quality, eye-catching professional portraits that will not only represent you authentically, but create tangible results while you hone your brand. 

This special portrait day includes a select number of individual portrait sessions photographed in-studio on a pre-set date.  The next event is scheduled for 

Professional branding portraits help you to:

  • Showcase your unique personality - you are the centre of your brand

  • Gain and retain prospective client interest that get people talking about you

  • Up-level your business and public image while honing your brand

  • Raise your professional profile and show you care about your business

  • Make the right and lasting first impression - introducing prospective clients to you and your brand

  • Naturally attract your ideal audience and higher paying clients

  • Elevate trust and credibility in you as the expert

  • Grow your business, make more money and keep doing what you love!

Your all inclusive portrait session includes:

  • An in-studio photoshoot using professional lighting and/or natural light

  • Two outfits / Looks

  • Coffee, tea and refreshments

  • Three finished, high resolution digital images for printing and sharing online

  • BONUS - Makeup & Hairstyling / Grooming


Investment: $397 + tax

(valued at $690)

This special portrait package is not offered privately and includes eight, 60 minute portrait spots.

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Thank you and I look forward to photographing you! 


Not sure what you need or want more of a VIP experience?

Great…I'd love to chat with you!

I offer expanded portrait packages and custom photography to meet the unique needs of my clients.

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