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I've had the pleasure of photographing some pretty cool people and to have played a part in their success.  

Here's what a few of my lovely clients had to say.



I loved the work Linda did for other people. It was very original and not the usual "headshot". I liked how Linda captured the person's essence. And after having my dog's pics done, I knew she was the one! Awesome. I am using them for my business, and the feedback has been fantastic. It's created a very high end brand image, which led to an easy fee increase, as well in the month of December alone, by using the images in an ad campaign, I added over 500 people to my newsletter list. I've never had this kind of opt-in success in such a short period! I had a wonderful experience working with Linda. I loved how I was taken care of from start to finish. By taking the time to really understand me, my brand, and who I am, I felt that Linda really had a vision for what the photos would look like and knew me better than me. And then every last detail was taken care of, from the location scout, to my hair and makeup and having an assistant on hand to help with all the small details was superb. I felt like a movie star for a day! And of course while the experience (which I am all about!!!) was first class, the end result of the images was even better. If you are looking to up-level your brand and want a quality outcome, then invest with Linda. She will make the process easy, she takes away any awkwardness you may feel during the shoot and creates a relaxed atmosphere, and take advantage of the pre-photoshoot time she spends with you, it's golden, and it's where she digs deep to find your gold, and then captures it perfectly.
NAFISSA SHIREEN | Success Coach & Founder | Living Forward Business & Lifestyles Inc. 



I loved working with Linda because she's very relaxed and fun to work with, but she's also very hard working. You know that you are going to get some creative and interesting shots, but you also know that she is going to help you find the best you!

KAT HILL | Filmmaker, Actor & Coach, Silent Women Productions



Linda's easy going style and clear vision translate into breathtaking photos. She is a creative, consummate professional and a very kind soul. Her photographs have been bringing out the best me since 2006 and I truly enjoyed every minute of it!

ERIN CEBULA | Celebrity Reporter and Host | ET Canada


When I decided to invest in a professional headshot, I reached out to my network in Vancouver for recommendations. Linda's name kept coming up and her portfolio of work was more than enough to convince me that she was capable of meeting my expectations. Now reflecting back on my experience of working with Linda, she completely exceeded my expectations. She not only made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the long day, I was also impressed by her creative eye in spotting unique locations that resulted in amazing shots. In the end, I not only ended up with a headshot, I received a full portfolio of professional photos that reflect the professional image I needed to attract the ideal clients and partners for my business.

TREVOR TURNBULL | Online Reputation Strategist, LinkedIn Trainer, Sports Marketer, Speaker & Host | Turnbull Ventures

I know Linda from her chiropractor's office and was inspired by her photography work on Facebook. The best compliment was that my photos capture my joy and essence...which was exactly my original intention. I had an excellent experience with Linda. I appreciate that she listened to what I asked for (fun and getting more direction from her) and she totally delivered. Linda was really easy and fun to work with, reasonably priced (maybe too reasonable!), and she would see how happy I am with my photos. I think they speak for themselves. I had a wonderful time working with her and I look forward to more adventures in the future!

CARA HALBER  | Holistic Nutritionist, Pastry Chef & Teacher | Nourish Soul-full-y


Linda is AMAZING! She's great at capturing who you REALLY are, and she does this in such a beautiful, and above all, comfortable manner! You're leaving the photo shoot with a new friend and some truly amazing photos!!!  My new portraits are working wonderfully for me...I've never done a photo shoot like this! Casual, comfortable and most importantly, REAL. Linda is incredibly sweet, kind and yet professional. She makes her clients feel comfortable and bring out our personality in settings that a lot of us may not be used to, or even feel comfortable in. It's a very daunting task and you accomplish it with such ease!

CARMEN CRUZ | On Air Personality at the World Famous C-Fox


I hired Linda to create some photos for my new website. She made the process so relaxing and fun! During the photo shoot I felt like a queen :) I appreciated Linda's comprehensive and professional approach. Before the photo shoot she sent me a survey to learn more about me, my business, my brand, and what I was looking for in photos. I loved Linda's flexibility and the fact she felt comfortable shooting outdoors as well as in the studio. I would highly recommend Linda for photographs that communicate your essence and speak to your ideal clients.


PAMELA THOMPSON | President & CEO, Creative Life Coaching Inc.


I had the pleasure of working with Linda for my personal branding photos for the newest incarnation of my business. What a blast!!!

I did a lot of research before finding Linda, and as soon as I saw her online portfolio, I knew she was the one!

Then, when I got the questionnaire she asked me to fill out to better get to know me, and for me to talk about what my new brand and I were about - I was even more convinced she was the artist who could help me uplevel my brand so I can keep building the kind of business I want, and I attract the clients and opportunities I'm looking for!

The shoot experience was amazing, and so much fun! From hair and make-up, to outfit changes, to different locations - we all had such a great time! Not only that, Linda actually rolled up her jeans, and got knee deep in ocean water with her equipment so she could get the shots she envisioned and I wanted!

After that, the selection process was a breeze, and I now have my 10 images for print and web, along with 10 beautiful prints my family and I can enjoy in our home.

Linda is a true artist who pays attention to detail, really gets to know her clients and what they want (challenging them to detail as much as possible beforehand so the shoot can really capture what the client wants to convey), and definitely goes the extra mile for creativity!

I also believe she is more talented than she knows, and am already looking forward to the next photo shoot when we move forward and spiral upwards even more!

Linda is also an amazing public speaker and teacher, and is super passionate about personal branding! I highly recommend checking Linda out for your personal branding photography! Thank you Linda for all your help and support!

LESIA KOHUT, Mindset Shifter & Soul Excavator

I loved Linda's style for how she captured her subjects in a very natural environment. I've had photos taken before in a studio setting and I was looking for photos that showcased both my personality and what I do for a living. Linda was great for this! My portraits are ideal for sending event organizers and anytime I need a picture to go with a bio. I love how the portraits feature myself with my video camera and equipment, since this visually cues people to what I do without even saying anything. I loved the number of photos we got for my portraits - there were so many to choose from! Your eye for various angles and spots to capture the portraits was very helpful. If you are looking for someone to capture portraits to use for your business Linda is the one to go to! She has a way of capturing your personality in a photo, and this is essential for attracting the right type of clients.  I had an excellent experience with Linda and am super happy to have my portraits - they will last for a while too!

JAMIE MUNRO | Videographer, Whisper Media


Linda is a talented lady and her passion for creating images that truly capture her client is extremely important to her. We had a great time outdoors doing the shoot and I loved how after all the 90+ shots, the one we liked most for my business card and social media was when she captured me unsuspectingly looking upwards. It was the only image of this angle/nature. When I showed a handful of my closest peeps they commented on how my essence and sense of freedom is portrayed. Supporting my clients to attain that sense of freedom within themselves while resetting their internal emotional vibration is exactly my intention, so I loved how Linda captured this image. Linda took time to find out about me as a person, how I prefer being outdoors in natural surrounds, and she was able to suggest best colours for the shoot to match our desired result. The second photo I chose for a headshot was a near full body image. Because of the high quality of her images, we were able to scale to a headshot size, using this second photo as my more professional image. I respect and adore Linda as a person, a woman of heart who treasures her family, so this made working with Linda all the more real and enjoyable. Thank you Linda for the wonderful images to brand myself – I am impressed!

COLLEEN WYNIA | Holistic Energy Healer & Transformational Counsellor | HeartLink Consulting



From the moment I met Linda, I had a gut feeling she was going to be the next big thing in portrait photography. Not only was she just a really authentically nice person, she also appeared to be professional in that she asked the right questions and took the time to listen to me with genuine interest. Then I saw her work online and it confirmed that I had not been wrong about her. Linda had "the eye"... That eye that I knew so well since I had spent the last twenty years working in the fashion business in Milan and Paris, notably as a fashion photographer agent and an art director in fashion magazines including Harper's Bazaar and Italian Vogue. My portraits are not only working for me, they ARE me. How could I have a photo of me that doesn't represent who I am? The photos that Linda took of me represent me perfectly. They are the key to my soul, the door to my inner self, the first impression I make when a prospective client does a Google search on me. The portraits that she took of me have been highly praised by friends and professionals in the fashion business. But most importantly for me, they have allowed others to trust me because that's what Linda and I wanted. Our intention was to be able to connect with the viewer through my photos and attract new clients. That was our goal and that is what is happening. I enjoyed Linda's relaxed demeanour prior to, during and after the shoot. I was so nervous despite my experience in the field, however Linda knew how to boost my confidence by asking me to send her visual ideas of how I wanted the portraits to look, inspirations for poses, hair, makeup, etc. During the shoot she made me feel comfortable and at ease. In the end I had so much fun that I didn't want it to stop!

SUSAN OUBARI | Usui/Holy Fire II, Karuna Reiki® Master


I was referred to Linda by a friend who had a great experience with her photography for business. I also felt that the photo samples on her website showed that she had a great eye and sense of colour. We are very happy with our portraits, and had lots of good options to choose from for our website. 

Linda was  were prompt, professional and organized, and willing to listen to what we needed, while giving good recommendations. SheLinda did a great job, and captured some really beautiful colour in our photos.

ERIC STANGER | Barrister & Solicitor | Dives, Harper & Stanger

I have been photographed multiple times in my career in journalism, but Linda's work stands out as the most creative, flattering, and enduring. She was able to put me completely at ease, and her work is still what I turn to when I am asked to supply a professional portrait. She was able to capture the 'real' me as no one else has.

KEVIN NEWMAN | Emmy Award Winning Network News Anchor & Correspondent, Journalist & Author CTV News, Communitech, & NewMan Media

Publicity portraits and headshots for actors and performers.

Linda's pictures continue to get me positive responses. She was so nice and friendly at the photo shoot that we've become actual friends!

ELIAS TOUFEXIS | Award Winning Actor in Video Games, Film & Television

I needed a new fresh set of photos for work and the ones Linda took are great! I look way better in them that IRL, lol. But seriously, they are excellent, high quality portraits. I had an excellent experience that was relaxed, friendly, professional, easy.  Great photographer. Great photos. Great experience! Plus you know how to work a good angle ;)
KATRINA CARROLL-FOSTER | Brand & Marketing Strategist



Linda is professional, passionate and made me feel very comfortable and at ease in front of a camera. I love my business portrait and receive so many compliments and attention on my website. Linda made me feel like I was a celebrity. The photo session with Linda was an amazing experience and I highly recommend her.

WING PIDERMAN | Interactive Energy Healer | Soul Energy Healing

I was connected with Linda for a project, shooting for Assignment Fashion and TV Week. I still use my photos regularly... love them, my experience with Linda was excellent. I felt totally comfortable and at ease, felt really at home with Linda. It'll be a wonderful day... highly highly recommend Linda.

ROBIN STICKLEY | Award winning Journalist, Reporter & Co-Host of Global TV Morning News


I got to spend a lovely afternoon with Linda. It is great to have fresh new professional portraits that really capture the essence of who I am and I felt totally relaxed and it shows in my portraits. Linda's extensive expertise and her love of people make it very easy to relax and enjoy the experience. Linda makes a potential daunting task really fun.

JUDY SNAYDON | Creative Director, Graphic Designer & Teacher


Linda's soft energy and graciousness inspired me to have my portraits taken by her. My portraits are working great as she captures joy. I enjoyed that I was made to be comfortable. Linda is a great photographer who is wonderful to work with.

DR. SYDNEY SCOTT | Change & Leadership Consultant  | The Alchemist Professors



I met Linda at a business networking event, and I was struck by the natural appeal of the photos she displayed. She seemed to capture the essence & energy of the people she photographed. I saw not one photo that appeared too contrived or "stock". The life in her photos is what drew me.  My portraits are working beautifully. I use them in promotional materials, social media and many more places. People have commented that my photos make me seem very approachable - which is definitely something I want to encourage! She made it all so easy! I'm not someone who enjoys having my picture taken at the best of times, so I was a little nervous about the idea of a formal photo shoot. She let me pick a location that I LOVE and feel very comfortable in, choose a make-up artist who made me look great, and gave me directions that were easy to follow as she took the photos. It was easy, fun and the photos are fantastic! Efficient, professional, and the photos are great. You don't have to think about it. Just do it.


Integrated Movement Specialist | Moving Spirit: Integrated Moving Training Program & Pilates


If you are looking for a creative, gifted photographer to capture your essence on film, look no further than Linda Mackie. She'll make sure you look and feel your best...and you shine in your photographs as a result.

LISA MARTIN | Leadership Coach, Author & Speaker | Lisa Martin International


I am absolutely thrilled with the corporate head shots that Linda produced for me. She came highly recommended by a few friends who had used her who were very pleased with the results. I researched a lot of photographers before choosing Linda and am so happy I found her! Her work is incredibly professional - she is warm, friendly and very talented. I was very comfortable with Linda immediately and she chose locations that really fit my vision for the shoot. The results were so many great photos, it was hard to choose only a few! I would highly recommend Linda for corporate head shots and publicity. She is a dream to work with and produces the results you're looking for.

JEN SCHAEFFERS | Executive Director of CKNW Orphans' Fund, Writer and Founder of Networking in Vancouver


Thank you for taking so many beautiful pictures! Your 'lighting' is the best. It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you. I hope we have the chance to do it again!

ANNE DREWA | News Anchor/Reporter, Global BC

Jim Perkins Publicity PortraitsJim Perkins Publicity Portraits

Linda is tenacious and organized. I'm so busy on a daily basis that a corporate photo shoot was the last thing I wanted to take time out for but Linda removed the stress by arranging make up and a stylist. She was efficient in her meetings and shoot times and kept me moving forward. She was also very patient at the shoot and understood my multiple phone calls and business interruptions. She ensured I was comfortable and kept me working with the lens. To sum it up: Linda is a consummate professional. Linda's shoot produced many different images that we'll be using for everything from magazine articles to corporate website biographies.

JIM PERKINS | President & Founder of Perkins Properties, Perkins Construction, Perkins Media & Entertainment and FairTradeWorks


I have worked with Linda for both family portraits and publicity portraits for my business. In both environments Linda was a pleasure to work with. I am not one who loves the camera (actually, I dislike it immensely) but Linda made the experience so natural and effortless that after a few minutes I forgot the camera was there. The energy that she provides during the shoot definitely shows in the final product. She is able to capture the personality and essence of her subjects through her calm presence. She has an amazing ability to find the right light in a natural setting, and not only is Linda a talented photographer, but she is also a warm and kind person, which is the type of person I like to work with.

KATHRYN MANDELCORN | Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada

Linda is a professional in her field... creative, energetic, enthusiastic and competent. Her product is fantastic and she is a pleasure to work with! I can highly recommend her!

JOHN LUTRIN | Executive VP, Financial Hub (Pty) Ltd.

I chose Linda to do portraits of me for my real estate branding. She did an excellent job at putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable. We had a hard time picking the final picture as there were so many great ones to choose from. She is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her services.

LINZIE PAYNE | Realtor, Macdonald Realty


Linda has a way of capturing someone's essence in a photograph. She is wonderful to work with - she's accommodating and creative. She puts you at ease!

JACQUELINE VOCI | Social Media Specialist, Be the Change Marketing

Greg Lang & Tom Kaplan-6857Greg Lang & Tom Kaplan-6857

We stumbled across Linda's portfolio and really liked the natural look of her portrait shots. We did not  want the typical corporate headshot, and therefore, found her work refreshing. Our portraits are great, no complaints. Linda and her team were very flexible with last minute schedule changes and made each participant feel comfortable in front of the camera (a hard thing to do!). After the shoot, we were provided with an abundance of shots to choose from which was helpful. Most importantly, everyone was happy with the final selections! Linda will spend as much or as little time with you as desired but either way, you are guaranteed to be happy with you photographs. She is a lot of fun to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend her services.


Linda's a natural...she knows how to find that special magic and soul in her photography. She's very easy going and knows how to create a relaxed environment and make her clients shine (not literally!). Working with Linda was a great experience!  Highly recommended!!


ADAM WOODALL | Singer & Songwriter



Linda and her family are friends of ours. When I heard she does photography, I visited her website and saw that she takes excellent portraits. So I called her up and the rest is history. My photos are doing great...I have received many compliments from lots of people in the industry. Linda is very easy going and fun and I can see she loves what she does.

SHAMUS COCHLIN | Actor & Dancer


Linda has an amazing gift to capture true personality and movement in her shots. She made me feel very relaxed and made sure I got the shots I needed to represent myself in a unique and stylish way!

SUZKA | Musician & Performer


Thank you Linda for capturing our family. We couldn't have asked for a kinder, more creative, professional photographer. 



When I saw the beautiful images on her website, I was blown away! I wanted to look that beautiful!! But more importantly, I could see that her subjects' true personalities were shining through, and that's what I wanted! I love my pictures. I get so many compliments! And I love the versatility. It's great that I can use different photos for different purposes. I'm very happy with them. Linda and clearly cares SO much! She made me feel very confident and comfortable. Even when my kids were grumpy, I knew she was getting great shots, and it made me feel so much better. Thank you Linda! Linda is an incredibly talented photographer. If you want photos where your true personality shines through, and you look incredible, Linda is the photographer for you. 



Linda has an ability to capture the light in people - there's a quality of light to her photos that you don't often find. I feel so lucky to have great moments captured forever. She always manages to make it feel relaxed and casual so that we don't morph into robot faces :) She is such a pleasure to work with it makes it effortless. Linda will never disappoint you and you will end up with vivid, heavenly lit photographs that will ALWAYS make the subjects look almost other worldly in terms of vividness… not in terms of doctoring the photos.


I have seen lots of Linda's work in the past and knew she would get it right. The photos were wonderful. The mood of the day was captured beautifully and we love the photos. The editing of the photos and the use of shallow depth of field were pretty cool. Go have a chat with Linda. See what she's about and check out the gorgeous photos she's taken in the past.

THE BYSKOV FAMILY | Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration



MEC Fall Kids CampaignMEC Fall Kids CampaignPublished work by Linda Mackie Photography

Thank you!  The shoots went very smoothly...due to your great organization and planning as well as great photography skills of course! Thanks again and look forward to another opportunity to work with you.

MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT COOP | Brooke Hannah, Catalogue Production Manager




Linda has a way with people and is very personable and that's what we are looking for in a photographer. She has demonstrated exceptional creative ability and always willing to go beyond what is normally experienced in a supplier relationship. She conducts herself in a professional manner at all times and showed commitment to hard work. Go see Linda, she is more than capable to help you with what you are looking for.

TRANSLINK BC | Benson Chin, TransLink Enterprise Marketing

JANE EDWARDS GRIFFIN | Art Director, Griffin DesignJANE EDWARDS GRIFFIN | Art Director, Griffin DesignTop qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative “Linda is a joy to work with. Her creative vision, professionalism and accommodating nature are a refreshing combination of attributes."


Linda's calibre of work, professionalism and accommodating nature are a refreshing combination of attributes. One of the most gratifying aspects of editorial art direction is sourcing the right talent and realizing visual outcomes together. Her ability to put the subject at ease and capture the moment is innate. A consummate professional - one I would highly recommend.

JANE EDWARDS GRIFFIN | Art Director for AQ Magazine