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Leo Nominated Host + Producer, Travel Writer + Content Creator at Blu Realty

"Linda's easy-going style and clear vision translate into breathtaking photos. She is a creative, consummate professional and a very kind soul. Her photographs have been bringing out the best in me since 2006 and I truly enjoyed every minute of it!"

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Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Journalist & Author

“I have been photographed multiple times in my career in journalism, but Linda's work stands out as the most creative, flattering, and enduring. She was able to put me completely at ease, and her work is still what I turn to when I am asked to supply a professional portrait. She was able to capture the 'real' me as no one else has.”

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Circle Dialogue Liaison Expert, HUM Consulting

"I love them and feel so good about myself when I look at them!  Yay you for really pulling out the beauty that I wasn't seeing. These photos have given me confidence in my business, a vision for who I am, and they feel so good.  I loved the process and am excited to show them off to the world.  You're a true gem to work with and a master at your art. So grateful to you."  

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Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Journalist & Author

“I have been photographed multiple times in my career in journalism, but Linda's work stands out as the most creative, flattering, and enduring. She was able to put me completely at ease, and her work is still what I turn to when I am asked to supply a professional portrait. She was able to capture the 'real' me as no one else has.”

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Circle Dialogue Liaison Expert, HUM Consulting

"I love them and feel so good about myself when I look at them!  Yay you for really pulling out the beauty that I wasn't seeing. These photos have given me confidence in my business, a vision for who I am, and they feel so good.  I loved the process and am excited to show them off to the world.  You're a true gem to work with and a master at your art. So grateful to you."  

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Style Coach &
Personal Shopper

“I hired Linda to shoot my new personal branding photos and I am so glad I did! Firstly, the discussions we had beforehand about my intentions and objectives were extremely valuable.

Going into the shoot, I was confident she understood the mood and look I was going for and the image I wanted to project. She managed to capture my essence and was sensitive to my insecurities all the whilst making our entire time together very enjoyable.


I was also very pleased with the hair and makeup person she chose for me. I highly recommend Linda and her team!"



Owner, Solutions SMP

Linda is the perfect blend of professional and friend. She keeps the process so light and down-to-earth that you almost forget it’s actually work - or part of the “job”. But when she unveils the top-level results a few days later, you remember why you were there - and why you chose HER - 

in the first place.

Thanks for the boost in my confidence, Linda - I can’t tell you what a gift that is in these early days of Solutions SMP. See you at the top!"

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Registered Clinical Counsellor, Best Self Forward Therapy


“As someone who hates her photos being taken, you turned me around completely.  I love my photos and I love how you captured the best of me in them.  You are very talented and creative and I very much enjoyed the experience from start to finish.  I am getting complimented on my photos by everyone who sees them and they have truly transformed my website.  Thank you again!”



Production Safety Consultant, BlackPearl Global Safety


“I had an excellent experience working with Linda. She was very accommodating and moved her schedule to match mine, provided great suggestions for shots, and got great results, and great image selections. Linda was very professional and I very much appreciate her ongoing support.”

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Award Winning RE/MAX Realtor, Briar Hill Group

"I was excited to have the possibility of working with Linda as I had seen how great her work was for others. My new portraits are fabulous and other realtors have told me what a great example they are of how to represent yourself professionally and naturally allowing your personality to come through. Linda photographs the real you, inside and out…I looked great and very natural for the shoot."

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Owner Jim Perkins Limited Partnership & FairTradeWorks

"I'm so busy on a daily basis that a photo shoot was the last thing I had time for. Linda removed the stress by arranging a stylist, was efficient in her meetings and shooting time, and kept me moving forward and comfortable throughout the shoot. Linda was tenacious and efficient and patient despite my multiple calls and business interruptions. Linda is a consummate professional and I now have a variety of images to use for my various businesses."


Screenwriter, Director, Acting and Film Instructor

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Holistic Nutritionist

"Linda is an amazing photographer that works creatively with you to come up with the best action plan beforehand so the shoot and final pictures are even better than expected. It was a great experience! Linda makes the whole process fun and easy. The final pictures are amazing so just do it!"

Kim Foster-Web-2021-912.jpg


Family Doctor, Wellness Expert & Coach

"I was very drawn to Linda's work and philosophy about personal branding. I love my new portraits and I couldn't be happier! Linda made my experience so comfortable and fun to be in front of the camera. The pre-shoot preparation was incredibly valuable. Linda took a lot of time to ensure we were both on the same page and had a shared vision for how the photographs would look and feel. If you want incredible portraits that capture the essence of you and your brand, you should definitely book Linda as your photographer."

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Interior Designer and Owner, Barbara Gallo Designs

"I really enjoyed spending my day with Linda - she took the time to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am thrilled with how my photos turned out. I had a wonderful experience and am very pleased with the results. I've worked with other photographers before. The difference is that Linda took the time before the shoot to get to know me, what I wanted to achieve, and how I would use the photos. I think this information helped us get the best possible images!"




Realtor, RE/MAX Generation

"Absolutely outstanding service from Linda Mackie! Her talent and creativity behind the lens are unmatched. The photos she captured were perfect—high-quality and beyond expectations. Her professionalism and friendly approach made the entire experience enjoyable. She an incredible eye for detail, and her dedication to bringing out the best in every shot is remarkable. Communication was seamless, and she truly cares about realizing your vision. Highly recommend Linda Mackie for memorable and beautiful photos—I couldn't be happier with the results!"


Entrepreneur, Author, Life Coach, Law of Attraction Facilitator

"Linda is a true professional who expertly guides her clients through the entire process of their branding shoot. She takes time to get to know her clients in a way that allows her to bring their personalities to each image. Linda’s unique style and knowledge add tremendous value for business clients looking to take their brand image to the next level. I could not be happier with my experience!"

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Speaker, Activist, and Podcaster

"I had the pleasure of working with Linda recently when we collaborated on my personal branding photos for the newest incarnation of my business.  What a blast! I did a lot of research before finding Linda, and as soon as I saw her online portfolio, I knew she was the one! 


When I got the questionnaire she asked me to fill out to better get to know me, and for me to talk about what my new brand and I were about - I was even more convinced she was the artist who could help me uplevel my brand so I can keep building the kind of business I want, and I attract the clients and opportunities I'm looking for!


The shoot experience was amazing, and so much fun!  From hair and make-up, to outfit changes, to different locations - we all had such a great time!  Not only that, Linda actually rolled up her jeans, and got knee-deep in ocean water with her equipment so she could get the shots she envisioned and I wanted!


The selection process was a breeze, and I now have my 10 images for print and web, along with 10 beautiful prints my family and I can enjoy in our home.

Linda is a true artist who pays attention to detail, really gets to know her clients and what they want (challenging them to detail as much as possible beforehand so the shoot can really capture what the client wants to convey), and definitely goes the extra mile for creativity!

I also believe she is more talented than she knows, and am already looking forward to the next photo shoot when we move forward and spiral upwards even more. Linda is also an amazing public speaker and teacher, and is super passionate about personal branding!"

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Founder ‘Breathe in Paris’, Reiki Master, Breathwork Healer + Mindfulness Coach

"I had a gut feeling when I met Linda that she was going to be the next big thing in portrait photography. When I saw her work online, it confirmed that she had "the eye". The eye I knew so well from many years working in the fashion industry. My portraits are not only working for me, they ARE me - the key to my soul, the first impression to prospective clients. More importantly, they invite people to trust me. That was our goal and what is happening. Thank you Linda for creating images that represent me authentically and what I do!"

Jarrod Clayton-Web-5847-2.jpg


Owner, Clayton Financial

"While looking for a photographer, I came across Linda's portfolio. What stood out to me the most was that I seemed to be able to have a sense of who the people in her photographs really were. Linda's ability to draw out the personality of her subjects and capture it on camera was obvious. The response that I have been receiving from my portraits has been beyond my expectations. What I enjoyed the most about working with Linda was how comfortable she made me feel both in preparation for the shoot and during the shoot.  She took the opportunity to get to know what I was looking for in my portraits. I would say that working with Linda was a true pleasure and that the quality of her work, along with her professionalism, will definitely bring me back."

Jamie Munro_edited.jpg


Videographer, Whisper Media

"I loved Linda's style in capturing her subjects in a natural environment. I wanted photos that show my personality and what I do for a living. I love how my portraits feature me with my video equipment, communicating what I do without even saying anything. Linda is the go-to for branding portraits! She has a way of capturing your personality which is essential for attracting ideal clients."

Robin Stickley.jpg


Award-winning Journalist

"I was connected with Linda for a project shooting for Assignment Fashion and TV Week. I use my photos regularly...I love them and my experience with Linda was excellent. I felt totally comfortable and at ease and at home with Linda. It was a wonderful day... highly recommend Linda."

Lynda Tarras-0764-Print-Colour_edited.jpg


Executive & Leadership Coach

"I was referred to Linda when I needed some branding photos for my business. So grateful that the universe brought us together. Linda had a beautiful and easy process for bringing me on, getting to know me, and getting to know the type of images that I wanted to create. The results are wonderful. She made me look so great and for someone who doesn't really love getting their picture taken, she made it so comfortable and easy for me. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make an impact with their photos. I have received nothing but amazing feedback from everyone who comes across them."

Kathryn Mandelcorn.jpg


Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada

"I’m not one who loves the camera but Linda made my experience so natural and effortless that I forgot the camera was even there! Linda’s energy during her shoots shines through in her work. She captures the personality and essence of her subjects through her calm presence and innate ability to find the best light. Not only is Linda a talented photographer, she’s a warm and kind person, which is the type of person I enjoy working with."


Income Growth Coach, Owner of Believe & See Ranch + Host of Living Forward TV

"My experience working with Linda was wonderful! The images we shot together created a very high-end brand image which led to an easy fee increase as well over 500 people to my newsletter list in just one month! Linda took the time to understand me and my brand and had an accurate vision of what I wanted in my new photos. Every last detail was taken care of - the location, hair and makeup and an assistant to help with all the details was superb. I felt like a  star for a day! And while the experience was first-class, the end result of the images was even better. If you want to up-level your brand and create real quality results, then invest with Linda..she makes the process easy."

Pamela Thompson-web-2494.jpg


Owner Creative Life Coaching, Best Selling Author, International Speaker + President of Female Wave of Change Canada

"Linda made the process so relaxing and fun...I felt like a queen! I appreciated her comprehensive and professional approach. She took the time to learn more about me, my business and brand and what I was looking for in photos, and I loved her flexibility and ability to shoot both in studio and outside. I highly recommend Linda for photos that communicate your essence and speak to your ideal clients."



Film/TV + Performace Capture Actor, Writer + Producer

"Linda's pictures continue to get me positive responses. She was so nice and friendly at the photo shoot that we've become actual friends!"

ANDREA SCORETZ-5242_edited.jpg


Astrologer + Writer, Must Love Crows

"My branding shoot with Linda was incredibly empowering and gave me a huge confidence boost that is serving me well in my life and business. To be surrounded by such nurturing and supportive women is the key to getting great images, as is working with a brilliant photographer and incredible makeup artist, who love what they do! I was emotional when I saw my images and so happy with them. I’m putting myself out there with less fear in my heart and am extremely grateful to Linda and Jen for helping me transform the way I see myself. The entire process has been life-altering and one of the best things I’ve ever done."

Michelle Hardy.jpg


Professional Editor

"I had an excellent experience working with Linda. I appreciated the in-depth questionnaires associated with my personal branding photography package. They not only helped me understand what to expect, but they helped guide and direct my vision for my new business. With Linda, I established and developed my personal brand, and this, in turn, generated excitement for the inception of my business.  I also appreciate that my experience included a team of professionals; we all collaborated to create successful, useful images. If you are committed to understanding who you are at this moment, as well as seeing who you have the potential to become, book a personal branding photography package with Linda."

Shannon Marshall.jpg


Owner and Lead Writer, Centrepiece Writing Studio

"Linda is a rare treasure! What makes her stand out is her uncanny ability to capture her clients’ essence - that unique energy about them that makes them, them! I see it in my own photos, definitely, but I also see it throughout her portfolio - which is the reason I knew I wanted to work with her. She brings a depth to her work that allows her photos to stand out and be seen. Linda took the time to get to know me and my goals in advance, and that made the photo shoot very comfortable and relaxed. I was impressed with her energy and commitment to get the shot.  What Linda has delivered is so much more than personal branding photos - these are a reflection of my best self!"



Energy Facilitator, Speaker Spiritual Intuitive, Massage Bodywork + Wellness Educator, HeartLink Consulting

"Supporting my clients to attain a sense of freedom within themselves while resetting their internal emotional vibration is exactly my intention, so I loved how Linda captured this feeling in my portrait. Linda took time to learn about me and to suggest the best colours that would match our desired result. I respect and adore Linda so this made working with Linda all the more real and enjoyable."


Co-Founder The SOURCE Collective & The Extremely Conscious Retreat

"Linda completely exceeded my expectations. She not only made me feel extremely comfortable throughout my shoot, I was impressed by her creative eye in choosing unique locations that resulted in amazing shots. I ended up with great headshots plus a full portfolio of branding photos that reflect the professional image I wanted to attract my ideal clients and business partners."

Lana Gilbertson_edited.jpg

Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional + Licensed Insolvency Trustee

"I chose Linda Mackie as my photographer for two important occasions.  The first was the launch of my professional website for which I needed professional branding and editorial
 photographs.  The second, several years later, was my 50th birthday, for which I wanted more personal portraits and images to mark this milestone in my life.  Working with Linda is always a wonderful experience.  From planning to shooting and then choosing and editing the images, Linda is meticulous and detailed.  Linda puts in the time to understand her clients (and their brand/business) and makes sure her clients get the images that are important to them.  I trust Linda implicitly when it comes to professional and personal photography, and I look forward to working with her again in the future!   

mike reilly 2020-print-0082_edited.jpg


Financial Advisor, Altitude Financial

"Linda is the consummate branding photographer. Not only is she a wizard behind the lens but she works with you to define the way your brand should reflect you. If you want someone to create images that speak for the real you, hire Linda!"



Leadership Coach, Author & Speaker,

Lisa Martin International

"If you are looking for a creative, gifted photographer to capture your essence on film, look no further than Linda Mackie. She'll make sure you look and feel your best...and you shine in your photographs as a result."

John Lutrin.jpg


President, ZLC Financial


"Linda is a professional in her field... creative, energetic, enthusiastic and competent. Her product is fantastic and she is a pleasure to work with!"



Violinist, Composer, Singer + Songwriter, Suzka Music

"Linda has an amazing gift to capture true personality and movement in her shots. She made me feel very relaxed and made sure I got the shots I needed to represent myself in a unique and stylish way!"


Creativity Coach + Human Design Reader, The Creativity Coach

"I was inspired by Linda's photography on Facebook. The best compliment was that my photos capture my joy and essence, which was exactly my original intention. I had an excellent experience with Linda and appreciated that she listened to what I asked for (fun and getting more direction from her) and she totally delivered. Linda was really easy and fun to work with, reasonably priced (maybe too reasonable!) My photos speak for themselves. I had a wonderful time working with Linda and look forward to more adventures in the future!"


Associate Accredited Photographer in the Portrait Masters Awards + Accreditation Program

Winner of the Best of the Westshore Awards in 2018 in the Professional Services Category

Featured photographer on ET Canada's Celebrity Makeover with Cheryl Hickey

Featured photographer on Vancouver Mom's Top Essential Portrait Photographers



Arithmetic Graphic Design, BC Children's Hospital Foundation, BC SPCA, Business Development Bank of Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association, Cedar Tree Dental, Crease Harman Law Firm, The David Suzuki Foundation, Design + Conquer, Dives, Harper & Stanger, Global TV, Grant Thornton Ltd., Investors Group, Kitsilano Rock School, Ladderup Inc., Macdonald Realty, Mandula Design, Marten Homes, Metro Vancouver Transit Police, MEC, Northwest Ethical, Novagold Resources, REIN Canada, SmartCool, SOHO Summit, Sotheby's, Soya Marketing, , Real Estate Foundation of BC, TELUS, Trans Canada Trail, TransLink BC, Transport Canada, UBC & VGH Foundation, Island Health, WorkSafe BC



Ed Begley Jr. | American Actor & Environmentalist, Dr. Nadine Caron | Academic Physician/Surgeon, Erin Cebula | Internet + TV Personality, Anne Drewa | Anchor/Reporter at Global BC, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | President of Waterkeeper Alliance co-author of The Riverkeepers, Natalie Langston | Digital Creator, Tyron Leitso | Actor, Kevin Newman | Journalist + Author, Manjy and David Sidoo | Philanthropists + Business Investors, Robin Stickley | Journalist, Suzka | Violinist, Singer/Songwriter, Elias Toufexis | Actor


AQ Magazine, Assignment Fashion, Black Cat White Dog News, Corporate Knights Magazine, ET Canada Online, Fresh Magazine Vancouver, GoWestShore Magazine, Pursuit: 365 Book Project 2021, TV Week Magazine


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