As a branding and lifestyle photographer, I love creating timeless images that reveal the soul, inspire connection and make a lasting impression…images that tell your unique story and help you make your mark in the world.

An artist at heart, I see truth and beauty in people and in the world and look to capture that in my work.


  • an entrepreneur wanting a brand overhaul that speaks for you when you can’t be there in person.

  • a person in the public eye who wants to give back to their community and wants their image to have maximum impact.

  • an actor or model wanting modern portraits that will get them noticed and in the door of agents and casting directors.

  • a corporate executive wanting to emit confidence and approachability as part of their company team.

  • anyone wanting memorable portraits to share with friends and family and leave as a legacy keepsake for loved ones.

  • excited to fall in love and need authentic portraits of yourself to attract the right person.

  • or just because you’re worth it!


It’s where fashion editorial meets business…you’re a passionate professional ready to market yourself with images that communicate who you are, your unique brand message and that authentically attract your most desired clients and endeavours. Tell your unique story with branding images that can include headshots to magazine-style portraits, behind the scenes, action and detail shots and more!


You’re a busy professional and perhaps part of a larger organization who needs professionally branded, dynamic, streamlined portraits, action and details shots or custom imagery that not only effectively communicates your company message, but visually expresses and resonates with your best clients and business opportunities. Together we create images that move people to want to connect with you by raising your company profile with eye-catching photos that get you and your team noticed. 


Confidence and beauty come from within. When we truly express ourselves, the essence of who we are is revealed and people are naturally drawn to us. You are amazing just the way you are; let me capture your personal beauty and style in fashion editorial-style portraits that will change the way you see yourself.


Life truly is fleeting. When you have kids, it feels like the innocence of their childhood years go by in a heartbeat. Let's capture the love and special bond you share with your children and their unique personalities in a fun, candid and connected way.


Linda Mackie is a professional photographer creating timeless personal branding and contemporary lifestyle portraiture. Her work is known for and sought after for its natural, timeless yet modern feel that reveals the soul, inspires connection and makes a lasting impression.

With over twenty years of combined experience in the visual media industry as a photographer, makeup artist and advertising coordinator, Linda’s purpose as your photographer is to shine a light on you through compelling images to inspire others in their life and legacy.

An artist at heart, Linda sees truth and beauty and seeks to capture those precious life moments and personal connection, the magic and innocence of childhood, the joy in pure love and that unique inner spark that makes each of one of us beautiful. Linda loves working with and highlighting people making a positive difference in the world culturally, environmentally and socially. Whether you're an entrepreneur, business owner, personality or mother of two, you make an impact.

Linda offers a fresh, genuine and caring approach to creating images you envision and that tell your story with heart.

Nothing brings me more joy than witnessing
a person blossom on camera. Seeing a person’s inner beauty and soul light shine through and capturing that in a photograph is truly magical to me. This is why I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else. ~ Linda Mackie