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Jillian came to me for professional photos because her business was evolving and she felt her old photos didn’t represent who she is now. With the need for more photography for speaking engagements and marketing, she wanted her current photos to accurately reflect her identity.


She describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur, never aspiring to own her own business, until she saw an opportunity to carve a career path that suited her lifestyle as a mother and seized it. Now, she believes that being an entrepreneur is a conduit for personal growth and a tool to express one’s purpose. She feels that she was meant to be in this role all along.

Out of all the photographers she could have worked with, Jillian chose me because she was looking for someone who could help her express who she is becoming as a leader in business. She wanted a photographer who could capture her essence and have it shine through in her branding.


As part of my personal brand photography experience, Jillian did a deep dive into her services, her brand, her ideal clients and her passion for what she does. Her clarity about her path shines through in her shoot with me -  an entrepreneur dedicated to inspiring others to bring more creativity, connection and ease to business and entrepreneurship. She envisions people around the world discovering their truest selves and using their innate intuitive abilities to create great impact for themselves and others. By learning to embrace her uniqueness and leading by example, Jillian walks the walk - knowing the brighter she shines, the easier it is for people to find her.

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We begin the creative process with a get-to-know-you and planning call to crystallize your vision for your portrait session. My team of professional hair and makeup artists help you look your best so you exude natural confidence. You'll also receive guidance on what to wear, how to pose, and how to prepare for your photoshoot. My process is an experience designed from start to finish to empower you to express yourself and see your own power and beauty.

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