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Meet master connector and brilliant financial planner, Mr. Mike Reilly. For his personal brand shoot, we shot at both my homes studio as well as the Victoria International Airport.  We found both locations worked really well to not only support his business name, Gaining Altitude Financial and his corresponding philosophy around financial planning but also his fun-loving personality whilst authentically reflecting his professionalism, expertise and genuine caring he has for his clients and our community.

Mike Reilly is a prime example of someone who has a clear vision of his brand and how he wants to be perceived in the world. He understands the importance of a strong personal brand and how it can set you apart from the competition. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and bringing his vision to life.

It brings me so much joy to see my clients succeed and shine in their respective fields. And it’s even more fulfilling when I get the opportunity to capture their essence through my lens and to see their photos in action. Seeing the final product and the impact it has on their business is truly rewarding! 

Remember, investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.

Check out Mike at Gaining Altitude Financial!


"Working with Linda is a great experience. Her process really brings out the unique qualities you have to feature in your branding. The images really helped my shine through so I can connect with clients even when I'm not there in person!"


Mike Reilly 2020-Web-0135.jpg


We begin the creative process with a get-to-know-you and planning call to crystallize your vision for your portrait session. My team of professional hair and makeup artists help you look your best so you exude natural confidence. You'll also receive guidance on what to wear, how to pose, and how to prepare for your photoshoot. My process is an experience designed from start to finish to empower you to express yourself and see your own power and beauty.

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