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Experienced hairstylists Jules and Dawn came to me for branding photos for the launch of their new business: Solutions SMP, providing scalp micro-pigmentation for those experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Jules and Dawn opted for my signature PUBLICITY COLLECTION: the ideal starting point to capture the real you with thoughtfully curated, stand-out personality-driven portraits to set the foundation and get you noticed as you grow your business and brand. 


Here is what Jules had to say about their experience collaborating with me on their new photos:


"As part of launching my new business, Solutions SMP, I felt it necessary to include a photoshoot and because I already had the luxury of knowing Linda and had already seen so many of her photos, choosing her was a no-brainer. I knew from doing my research that every shot her clients had chosen to use for their varied online purposes was very different from those the others had chosen, which showed great creativity on Linda’s part. But the one constant throughout all the uses was the joy her subjects each emanated in their images. Whether it was a more professional headshot-type use or something more casual, every subject appeared confident, happy and REAL.  I imagined that they all looked and projected their very best - and isn’t that what it’s all about?


My partner Dawn and I entered the day slightly nervous, each of us whining that we had never felt photogenic. Linda enthusiastically assured us that “everybody” says that!” and not to give it another thought. Well suffice to say that any insecurities I may have had fell to the wayside as soon as I saw my gorgeous mug in make-up artist extraordinaire Jen Clark’s handheld mirror for my “after” had me looking better than I could EVER have imagined!


I strutted onto the various sets that Linda had carefully chosen feeling like a God-damned supermodel - and the end result that I now have at the ready show that.


Linda is the perfect blend of professional and friend. She keeps the process so light and down-to-earth that you almost forget it’s actually work - or part of the “job”. But when she unveils the top-level results a few days later, you remember why you were there - and why you chose HER - in the first place."

Enjoy these shots of Jules and Dawn - they are the epitome of passionate professionals. I'm so glad they placed their trust in me to help them at this pivotal time in your lives - and I'm so excited to see how their success grows from here.


Check them out at Solutions SMP!


And to those of you who are looking to refresh your brand or create timeless images for your business, I'd love to chat with you. Let's work together to showcase your brand in the best light possible.


"Thanks for the boost in my confidence, Linda - I can’t tell you what a gift that is in these early days of my new business. See you at the top!"




We begin the creative process with a get-to-know-you and planning call to crystallize your vision for your portrait session. My team of professional hair and makeup artists help you look your best so you exude natural confidence. You'll also receive guidance on what to wear, how to pose, and how to prepare for your photoshoot. My process is an experience designed from start to finish to empower you to express yourself and see your own power and beauty.

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