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This dynamic, immersive retreat is an intimate few days of transformation and new connections and an empowering prequel to a fabulous photoshoot with Linda and into your life with more confidence and clarity!

* Coming Spring 2023

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Connect with your essence + shine!

It’s time to exude your natural confidence in the way you show up in the world that you never thought possible because of the limiting beliefs in your way.

I’ve partnered with a group of pretty cool empowerment educators to create a one-of-a-kind retreat that’s going to help kick-start your confidence going into any photoshoot, and more importantly, instill a solid and lasting sense of self-love, self-worth, and enthusiasm in your life and future endeavors!

You’re invited to THE STEPPING INTO YOUR ESSENCE RETREAT where you can discover and celebrate your true essence and finally let go of those nagging stories that hold you back so you can fully accept and embrace who you are and the future version of yourself you want to become!

The retreat is designed to precede your portrait experience with Linda so that you can step in front of the camera - and the rest of your life - with confidence, self-acceptance, and authentic self-expression, and come away with kick-ass images you’re gonna love and be proud to share with the world!

Although not a pre-requisite, Linda’s confident you’ll want to be photographed by her once you experience the benefits of the retreat and get to know Linda and her unique approach to personal branding photography and coaching to help set you up for success!

To get all the details for the retreat when we're ready and get first dibs

on your spot in the retreat, simply click on the button below!

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“The Stepping into Your Essence One-Day Retreat provided a safe space for me to share my contemplations and vulnerabilities, and to listen to the same from others. This retreat reinforced the notions that introspection should continue to play an important part in my daily routine; that curiosity is a healthy component of expression; and that listening to others without feeling compelled to advise is a quality I’d like to improve upon. ⁠Linda, Brett, and Ame-Lia not only facilitated these opportunities for development, they also participated in the retreat, which placed us all on equal footing. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a retreat like this. ⁠For outgoing, brave performers, this retreat provides a gentle reminder to pay attention and listen. ⁠And for those who prefer to sit quietly on the sidelines, this retreat extends an invitation to be loud, to be silly, and to be heard. ⁠⁠I now feel called to gather with strong, interesting women, and to continue making new friends and potential business connections. ⁠⁠Interested in a day of heartfelt conversation and hilarious improvisation? Have I got the event for you!””

— Michelle Hardy, Editor

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Personal Branding + Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve been bringing out the best in people in my editorial-style portrait photography since 2004 and can’t imagine doing anything else.

As a photographer, image-maker, content creator, visual artist, wife and mom, animal and nature advocate, and promoter of making a difference in the world, I believe images tell inspiring stories and speak for us when we can’t be there in person.

It’s my mission to help you grow your business and share your unique message to the world through compelling and timeless imagery that connects with others at the heart level.

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