Portrait | Maria Conde

My client Maria Conde is an extraordinary woman and multi-talented at that. By day she is a CPA/CGA by day, a Certified Health Coach and Certified Nutritionist and now with her new venture, a Health, Wealth and Money Coach. She's also mother to her beautiful young daughter, who no doubt holds the same strength, values and courage of her mother. M...
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Portrait | Lauren

I am honoured that budding actor and model Lauren did her great first photo shoot ever with me. So happy with the results and am excited to see how her career will unfold. Wishing her the best!
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Exploring the Coast ~ Day 4

It was time to leave Beverly Beach and head up the coast towards home. Of course we made a couple stops along the way. As it was super busy day in Cannon Beach, we didn't stop in town but went just north to Ecola State Park - Indian Beach in particular. It was ruggedly beautiful and despite the rain we explored the beach and the craggy rocks nearb...
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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your New Portraits

As a professional creative artist who has worked in the visual industry for the better part of 20 years, I have made some observations along the way about the more crucial ingredients for a successful shoot. It's a lot more than just showing up and looking good! 1. Hire a professional photographer. In this day and age, almost everyone owns a dig...
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Connor Boone Series | February 2016

So happy and grateful to have this cherished moment of my dad with Connor when he was a baby. I know Connor will never forget him but it's comforting that we have these beautiful life moments to make sure that we don't.
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Make a great and lasting first impression

the POWER OF A PORTRAIT sessions Up-Level Your Image, Up-Level Your Business Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 A portrait that accurately represents you will naturally, and quite powerfully, breathe life into your image and raise your credibility and trust to potential clients. With that in mind, I specifically designed this day of portrait sessions f...
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Portrait | Amanda Jones

This shoot is long overdue in posting! Amanda Jones is a dream lady to photograph. She's an experienced and talented actor in the city and not only is she beautiful, she is very enthusiastic and appreciative of photography making her an ideal client for me! She understands fully what it actually takes to get those amazing shots that truly capture...
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Portrait | Britt Howarth

Another successful portrait session with lovely new talent Britt Howarth of Reel Athletes Talent Agency. We were expecting it to rain but to our pleasant surprise the skies opened up to give us a soft cloud covering and a few rays of sun, making the portrait session with Britt exactly the way we wanted it! I hope to photograph this beauty again s...
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A Chmackie Adventure on the Oregon Coast

Our little video to accompany the photos - enjoy!
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Exploring the Coast - Day 3

Another amazing day on the Oregon Coast. Breakfast at our campsite at Beverly Beach and it was good to see Connor getting into taking pictures with our point & shoot. Then off to Agate Beach State Park to roam the Oregon Coast fog covered dunes. It kinda felt we were on another planet until it lifted to reveal the wavy ocean and blue sky. The wind...
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Connor Boone Series | January 2016

My words to live by for 2016 are Peace & Contentment.
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Portrait | Paige Birnie

Paige Birnie, long time friend, fab London-basded photographer and savvy business woman. We recently spent the day photographing each other for our current branding and publicity portraits and agreed that we definitely take the best shots of each other and will be doing them whenever she comes back into town!
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Watching the Salmon

Back in September, Connor and his cousin Rae were both fascinated and enamoured by the many, many salmon that filled the water on their way up the Seymour River by our house. It was such a joy to see them so excited and considerate of the fish as they kept insisting that we all be super quiet around them.
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