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These poignant words so eloquently spoken by Mahatma Gandhi have become known not only as an ever-important sentiment but as a powerful movement in the world today. 


So many more small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even big corporations are embracing it as part of their business models and mandates as they know that making a positive difference in the world can be profitable, good for the planet, and good for everyone!

This is why it’s the perfect time to celebrate you - the strong, passionate, and resilient entrepreneur who is choosing to be the change, bringing passion and purpose to what you do in contribution to the greater good.

So with you in mind, I have put together this very dear to my heart portrait experience called Be the Change. You may not be a celebrity or billionaire, or someone who’s moving mountains, but you make an impact in your own way and the work you do makes an impact.

You deserve to be seen and celebrated for the success and dedication you bring to being the change you want to see in the world with personality-driven, fashion-inspired images that authentically reflect the many facets of you, your brand, and your business.


Your Be the Change portrait experience can be a combination of fashion-inspired personal branding and lifestyle portraits, and even some modern beauty and boudoir portraits, if you so desire!!

It includes:

  • A fully guided photoshoot with Linda

  • In-studio and/or one location

  • Creative Consultation + Shoot Plan

  • Makeup + Hairstyling

  • An 11x16 fine art mat print with the digital file

  • Invite to an in-person gallery event to highlight the portraits and stories of each project participant and network + potentially make new friends!

Sessions run until December 15th, 2022 so apply today to ensure your preferred shooting date.


Brand, Portrait + Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve been bringing out the best in people in my editorial-style portrait photography since 2004 and can’t imagine doing anything else.

As a photographer, image-maker, content creator, visual artist, wife and mom, animal and nature advocate, and promoter of making a difference in the world, I believe images tell inspiring stories and speak for us when we can’t be there in person.

It’s my mission to help you grow your business and share your unique message with the world through compelling and timeless imagery that connects with others at the heart level.

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